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    I'm glad that this has been sorted out, since until yesterday I would simply punish anyone I spotted tanking the last bunker. not more than 3 minutes though. from now on I will avoid doing that.

    the woman speaking in your ear is speaking in Italian. she says "mi avvicino, mi avvicino... sono molto vicino" that means "I am coming closer... I'm very close" weird

    today what sells are notebooks, netbooks and embedded solutions. Desktop pc's are just a very marginal share of the consumer electronics market. Yes probably businesses and banks will need them still for quite some time, but except for Intel and Microsoft, no one really cares about investing in desktop computers anymore, they are a dead end sector of the electronics market.

    in the future computers will simply be embedded in ultra-thin super high contrast monitors, and no one will really bother about assembling a computer anymore.
    low power, embedded, portable, small. this is where we are going. just take a look at the Desktop pc's figures of today and you can see why I am saying this.+

    Nvidia will keep his business of course, but focus more on notebooks and cell phones or media centers rather than Desktop computers. you can see that happening now already.

    that's very interesting Max3D. so basically in my case I seriously doubt I lag because of the CPU, which is a Q9550.

    It must be the connection bouncing, since I live in an old ass 2nd World War building and the phone lines are so old and rusty that they cannot bear DSL 2+ speeds without disconnecting me from time to time.

    my router is a NETGEAR, and it kicks ass so yes I should rent an apartment just to play Crysis :lol:

    some of you may be to young to remember all that halo was supposed to be before it stopped being developed for PC and became a xbox only game, i fear that crysis just wont live up, just like, to me, halo didnt either.

    Halo has never been such a great deal here. But still consoles used to be awesome for games, because their architecture was thought having in mind just and only playing games. From the times of the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo until the first Playstation at least, consoles were really awesome for games and pc were only about FPS and strategic games you couldn't find anywhere else.

    Nowadays high end consoles are more like some pc wannabe devices. so they have general purpose multi core CPUs like computers, the first playstation had an awesome custom MIPS like processor, the last one instead has a super CELL IBM processor with 8 or 9 cores. I mean consoles now want to surf the Internet, save movies and content on Hard Drives, they want to replace computers. so the difference between console and pc games is very thin. the mouse/keyboard pad issue is just a matter of adding a peripheral to the USB port of the Xbox, no big deal. and if you look at the quality difference of the average pc games, the only difference is that for having a sharper image on your screen you need to buy a graphic card 6 times faster of the one mounted on the current consoles. moral of the story, desktop pc's are going to disappear from the market in a few years, I bet all my cassate on that.
    Call of Duty 4, GTA4, Mass Effect, Resident Evil 5, Left for Dead.. we are already playing with consoles games often badly adapted for pc so that we need a nuclear plant to play them smoothly.
    At least Cevat Yerli cares about doing GOOD products for pc, so I am sure that he will put a lot of attention to make Crysis 2 to please the pc audience as well.

    And yes it can't be worse than CoD 6. anyway this whole jazz happened because Crytek didn't get enough revenues from pc exclusive games. how sad

    in terms of graphics I think Crysis 2 will be better than the first as for the visual effects. The "sucking balls" factor will maybe be in the freedom of exploration. considering the memory limits of consoles they'll have to use smaller environments.

    apart from that I don't think that developing the game on consoles as well is something so negative, for the reason Evil just said. we won't have to buy ultra powerful hardware this time and the developers will be forced to make the game better exploiting further their hardware constraints.

    we'll get a great game trust me. just think about the first Playstation and how much a saga like Final Fantasy improved from the VII to the IX chapter running on the same identical hardware.

    I dont think console games are so different from pc games these days. left apart the strategic games and Crysis, we're basically playing with console games adapted for mouse and keyboard, and well the Xbox 360 is no different from a computer with fixed components.

    there is one thing I never understood about lag. is it just about the ping or even with a quite steady 80 ping I could still lag more than a guy with 120 ping ?

    and also why from north-east Italy I sometimes get a worse ping than the American buddies. my connection happens to be fast, maybe it's not responsive enough ?

    who was that funny British boy sounding all goony and accenty like a Harry Potter little wizard ?
    sorry I have a thing for accents, Thor is still unbeatable..

    Welcome Max3D ! I never understood this Pwner thing, can someone explain it to a newbie grandpa like me ?

    yes they barely learnt how to use 4 threads in games. hexacores mmmm, sure nothing will melt in there ? they thought they could go beyond 3 GHz single cores too but intel had to say bye bye to Moore law because they had to cool down the equivalent of a mini nuclear plant on silicon die.

    random rant: why the good cases have to be the ones filled with leds and transparencies, I don't get it. For example I have a Coolmaster Elite case, which is just plain black and decent for heat dissipation and pretty cozy inside. I don't see why I should spend two times that price for a case doing the same thing but looking more teenage glamorous from outside.

    I agree with Evil about buying a mobo with the LGA1156 socket. Desktop PCs are all about future expandability and buying a LGA775 based pc is like buying a SEAT Marbella and putting a ferrari enzo engine in its trunk. yes you can still run, but you are always afraid that a screw could loose.
    Newest LGA1156 mobos are made for running with recent videocards, which are like nuclear plants if compared to series 8 and 9 cards.