Last Bunker

  • Hey, I just had a quick question. Is taking the last bunker allowed? I know that there is a message that says, "please refrain from taking the last bunker," but that seems more to be more of a suggestion than a rule. So if it is not a rule, can one be punished for capturing the last bunker?


  • "please refrain" means it is not a rule. It can always happen by accident to anyone. Nevertheless it is a strong advice and it is up the admin in charge to decide whether one should be punished or not.

    I recommend the following order:
    - info message / reminder (may be repeated)
    - depending on who is taking the bunker (his attitude, does he understand english, is he doing it again and again, is he raping the last bunker etc): punishing for 1 min may be appropriate. should not be the first choice.

    Personally, I once kicked one of the Fusion guys who took the last bunker many times even though he understood whats going on, even though he got punished before but who was insulting me, too.


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  • Before using any admin powers, I always try to put myself in the shoes of a player new to our server and ask myself "Is it fair for him to be punished?" Often times, a polite warning works much better than punishment. It shows understanding, maturity, and hopefully keeps OSF associated with having responsible admins.

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  • Like Evil says.
    I know a few players (i'll not mention names) who will repeatedly rape and try to take last bunker I just let them take it then get it back or go for the other bunker no point spitting my dummy out the pram and punishing them for just being lame, unless they are spoiling it for everyone.

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  • i dont think i have ever punished for taking the last bunker, except that if it happens a few times i will switch the guy to the other team.

    thats what he gets, in my opinion. seems more fair to me than punishing, because he still gets to play, and if he loves capping bunkers, he now has a whole map to cap.

  • another thing about the last bunker is that sometimes a team (a smart team) will just hold e3, and not ttry to cap other bunkers.

    i believe if this appears to be the case, that the last bunker rule not be enforced. because e3 is the best bunker, imo and others i believe.

  • so is it up to admin to take action if they feel the need or are we going to have some sort of rule on this? And i think that you guys are right people are just holding e3 but i don't like having just one bunker it gives the other team an advantage they can set snipers up on bunker! and scout the base!

  • No, there's no official rule regarding what an admin is to do should the last bunker be captured, seeing as how game circumstances vary. Rip and Visk summed it up pretty well.

    Normally I deal with the issue without using any type of administration commands.

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  • SCANNER and I were talking about this and we came to a result that there may be situations were it is alright to take the last bunker.
    I think the whole bunker thing is depending a lot from the mix of the teams. When the opposing team only consists of under-average players or beginners it is clear that taking their last bunker slows down the game a lot and ppl may leave the server. On the other hand, a strong enemy team has no problem to capture a bunker again so taking their last one can be a measure to give the game a kind of short break after being stressed from never ending dogfights.

    So that just underlines that punishing for taking the last bunker should be done very wisely, most of the times it´s inappropriate

  • I'm glad that this has been sorted out, since until yesterday I would simply punish anyone I spotted tanking the last bunker. not more than 3 minutes though. from now on I will avoid doing that.