Max3D > Your Pwner? :)

  • Hello, my name is Max :)

    Ive been playing in your server for a while now im probley know as Max3D

    right now my profile is Max3D_(newgen) or sumit.

    Ive gotten to know alot of you, and a few very well ;)

    haha, but seriously some good guys, love playing with you. But hate all the dam people not following the rules!

    Cya in game!
    Love, MAX!

  • Haha of course I remember you ryan. And thnks for the big up. It's good times trying to get people to follow the rules.

    And hey ripley havnt played with you in a while. I'll be on tonight so let's pwn some

  • idk, terms like your pwner, and pwn some noobs.

    anyways, i played with him, he is pretty good. from what i recall he has a good strategy of using his team for fodder and cleaning up afterwards. :).

  • haha super baiter? :D

    Problem is when ever i play my team tends to be complete and uter rejects. Its my fault for joinning the losing team every time for a challenge, but problem is when your team lets you down round after round after round, starts to annoy ya.

  • Well if u were good enough then u shud be able to make up for ur shitty team... even against 16 others.

    Hi im tioga, some bitchnig who left osf for a while.

    Don't get too cocky about ur skill, i might have to get some people i know to come in here and wipe the floor with ya in crysis if u dont

  • Sup dude welcome :D

    Where you from anyway

    And ye dont listen to Tioga he "thinks" hes "uper fly" :lol:

    See you in game :P


  • haha thanks for the warm welcome. Well im recently new to crysis but play pretty good due to my FPS experience. I actually have a small UK team that play CSS. We are attending i39 next year in the hope to win so should be fun :).

    But im only on wars for shits and giggles really and somthing for me to play when not training on css.

    IM from UK obviously :).

  • hmm, i think the first time i played with this guy he said i shouldnt play because my ping was 106, and it was unfair to him. that was pretty duche.

    the second time when ryan was on he was ok.

  • who was that funny British boy sounding all goony and accenty like a Harry Potter little wizard ?
    sorry I have a thing for accents, Thor is still unbeatable..

    Welcome Max3D ! I never understood this Pwner thing, can someone explain it to a newbie grandpa like me ?

  • I have a headache! I've never really understood the gaming lingo some 10 years ago when a last played a fps it was wOOt WooT all the bleeding time never understood what it meant then or now.
    I'm guessing pwner is along the lines of owner or something?

    Anway welcome Max I think i remember you i'll be back on in the New Year so maybe i'll see you on the server then.

    "when i look on this i think its potatos"
    Tryton on life

    "I really like to take them from the rear"
    Tryton on Battlefield tactics