New App to Become an Old School Fighter #32 from SniperMax

  • You have a new App to Become an Old School Fighter

    From User SniperMax

    Question: Xfire name (if applicable)

    Response: SniperMax

    Question: I know the rules on OSF servers and understand that by joining OSF, I am expected to uphold a high level of maturity, respect, and responsibility.

    Response: Yes

    Question: Joining OSF - Ambitions Please choose the most appropriate option.

    Response: I would like to take part in weekly practice sessions and play several days per week

    Question: What is your age?

    Response: 16

    Question: Why would you like to join us? What do you hope to get out of being an OSF member?


    because the OSF are really a good clan....i know snow white,ripley,ryan,shan.....all nice players.......end because i love the hold school!!!!!!!!!

  • hello max,

    join ts so we get to know you more and are able to decide wether you can join or not.

    What increases the chance is you giving up on sniping all the time.

  • Hey max remember me?!

    Guys i got him set up on ts yesterday! he spoke to me but i did advise him to talk to one of the server admins and to practise being on the ground with a scar! He is ok on the ground needs a bit of practice but he got one up on me! But i kinda owned him after but he will get better quite fast he seemed to learn fast earlier which is always good to have a fast learner!

  • Wats up dude, fun sniper war yesterday, your good at it

    Glad to see you logged on to t site

    Hope to see you in TS


  • we have a number of guys who can snipe, many just chose not to do it often, as it slows down the game. having one or two snipers in a large battle can be helpful, but typically there are to many snipers in large battles, as those that dont like to die on the front lines, hide in the hills and snipe.

  • I dont think there is anything wrong with having that style of game play

    Yeah it slows t game down and its gay but some1 has to do it

    I dont think just because some1 is a sniper they should be over looked to be part of the team

    He is a good player and a cool guy, very rule abiding and polite

    And hes in the server alot


  • SniperMax, it looks like you've only joined TS for all of six seconds in the last several days.

    If you were having a problem with your mic, feel free to resubmit your application at a future time.

    However, for now, we are going to be closing this topic after giving you a chance to reply.

    Until then, please continue to join us in "OSF MESA 24/7".

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • Hey Sniper my mate ^^ good to see you here and welcomme to our forum. I´m looking forward to talk to you in TS. So i agree with you ,you got my vote!! :lol::lol:

  • I would vote yes if i could here you in ts dude. You are a team player i'll give you that as you have helped me and played in a team with me. (and i appreciate that)
    Please join us in teamspeak more often and join in the conversation, I look forward to hearing form you.

  • Yes, unfortunately I am going to have to agree with tanktop and V. Too many times I see you in the game server but not in TS. Or if you are in TS, you're in your own channel. Don't be so shy.

    And don't rely on that precision rifle so much :)

    btw snipermax, do you know Syler? His endorsement for you doesn't really mean anything to us.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol