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  • alright, some very interesting reply's there. Im actually 20 today :).

    And yes bigvisk if this was you its unfortantly im not going to say sorry if this is what your looking for. I believe i remember playing with you and when your spike went it was very fun playing with you so i believe your a nice chap.

    Problem is on crysis wars i really really really had laggers, since the reg on the game is somwhat unpredictable at times already when sombody lags it just makes me sick, They lag 5ft every time so its impossible to hit them especially at distance and ESPECIALLY when they have played for a long time (bigvisk? :P) and know a lot of good tactics with the game, example Speed jump etc. This put ontop of extreme lag makes the guy look like he's teleporting.

    Now when this happens there are two types of players. Players that Do not, or Do understand what's happened and decide its a terrible thing to bring to a server, disconnect and try to resolve the problem, reconnect and hope all is well. these people i love, respect for the game, respect for the server and for the players on the server. Then there are a second bunch of people, these people really disgust me, they know of this problem already and decide instead of trying to resolve the situation, they BLAME other people for there shitty ISP connection and then use this obvious hack-like issue as a ADVANTAGE, its impossible to kill them, they have a ratio of 4/1 and they think its skill. Its just because they lag 5ft at a time.

    :) but hey, you make the decision which guy you are. I know there's nothing i can do about players that lag like this, that's why i just simply disconnect and just go play on another server for abit. But too be honest i believe OSF enforces a 150< ping rule which is fantastic and tends to shuffle out a good 80% of these tits. And like i said bigvisk's faded so was awsome :).

    - Max

  • my ping is usually a steady 110, unless some knuckle head starts downloading stuff then it spikes till i start cussing and goes back down, but generally its 110.

    our old server was 200 ping and kick, now its 250, i argued once for it to go back to 200, but being in europe now the clan decided to keep it at 250.

  • Happy Birthday max. Still looking forward to seeing you in-game / saying hello in TS.

    Oh and about the lagging - It's Crysis. It's always laggy. We all complain about it, but no one complained as much as a former member whose name I will not mention.

    And tioga, if you can buy the one magic server in Crysis that does not lag when it's populated, then please do. Until then, do not continue running your mouth off.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

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  • there is one thing I never understood about lag. is it just about the ping or even with a quite steady 80 ping I could still lag more than a guy with 120 ping ?

    and also why from north-east Italy I sometimes get a worse ping than the American buddies. my connection happens to be fast, maybe it's not responsive enough ?

  • snowy, from what i understand about lag there are two possible sources

    server side, i.e. the server is highly populated, heli whores are flying around spraying focking rockets all over the focking place, and with people shooting, theres so much data for the server to handle, that the result is lag.

    there is also player side lag. which can result from high ping, from either being far away (like on the other side of the ocean) from the server, or it can result from downloading porn (or whatever) while playing (using up more of your bandwith so that less is available for crysis), having little bandwith. and, if your computer over heats, or is working to hard, you can experience what appears to be lag to you (but not to anyone else) because your computer itself is trying to process to much data, and it bottlenecks and slows down (this happens to me in the summer when its like 100 focking degrees in my office, i need to set up an ac next year)

  • Thanks evil :) im old now its horrible.

    Snowy i think the problem with crysis wars is a players CPU is a crutial part of online play since the server likes to throw a lot of logic at players computer especially in higher populated servers. Unlike other games that use Nopass walls in which all functions cannot pass though. Since crysis wars is a open based game the requirement for nopass makes the game pretty pointless if you get what i mean :P. So unfortantly the other players spec can effect your in-game performance.

    I myself have a Intel i7, thats why u can always hit me :P haha joke.

    But ye thats why in rare cases they can have a ping of 50 and still lag like a 200+ pinger.

    a second reason is poor routers tend to work on intervals instead of hops so if their internet tends to bounce then they could get a fake ping from adjusting certain settings. for example the server can see F[60]>R100>R100>F[60] and will grab the 60. But these guys can be detected very easily since it happens in a interval of 30seconds mostly so if u watch them it will go 60, 54, 70, 140, 64, 60 ,200 etc.

    All in All, there is not much we can do apart from rely on good admins to seek out these panzies.

  • that's very interesting Max3D. so basically in my case I seriously doubt I lag because of the CPU, which is a Q9550.

    It must be the connection bouncing, since I live in an old ass 2nd World War building and the phone lines are so old and rusty that they cannot bear DSL 2+ speeds without disconnecting me from time to time.

    my router is a NETGEAR, and it kicks ass so yes I should rent an apartment just to play Crysis :lol:

  • haha love it :).

    move house so you can play crysis wars without lag :). good idea however i dont suggest it. Since a good 70% of the players in a general crysis wars server lags you will only be pissed off with the amount of money you used to buy a new house and time to move just to be owned by everybody because you have perfect performance and they lag all over the show :D.