crysis 2, will it suck

  • some kids were crying on and on about when is crysis 2 coming out the other day. so today having nothing better to do i started looking into it, and the first thing i found was that it was also being developed for xbox 360, and ps3, so the question is, will crysis 2 suck balls, as inadvertently almost all (all that i have played, but im leaving some room for possibles) console games. or, can crytek manage to do the impossible.

    my guess, that crysis 2 will suck enormous balls, because it will be overly simplified.

    considering that crysis 1 graphics are too much for current consoles, it also means that instead of being ground breaking graphics, the graphics will actually be worse.

    of course, after i read that it would also be a console release, i stopped reading, does anyone know more, or think that crysis 2 will be a worthy sequel?

  • Saw some youtube vid of a developer showing off the graphics in Cry2. Looked identical to regular Crysis - which is not good considering how much time has elapsed since Crysis 1 was introduced.

    Is it a worthy sequel? Who knows. I'll let you know what I think after it comes out, as I plan on buying it :?

    Good news is that we won't need to buy new rigs for Crysis 2. For regular Crysis I needed new everything, including DDR2 and a dual core processor on top of the new mobo and gpu - turns out that this shit is still good enough for Crysis 2 :lol:

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  • in terms of graphics I think Crysis 2 will be better than the first as for the visual effects. The "sucking balls" factor will maybe be in the freedom of exploration. considering the memory limits of consoles they'll have to use smaller environments.

    apart from that I don't think that developing the game on consoles as well is something so negative, for the reason Evil just said. we won't have to buy ultra powerful hardware this time and the developers will be forced to make the game better exploiting further their hardware constraints.

    we'll get a great game trust me. just think about the first Playstation and how much a saga like Final Fantasy improved from the VII to the IX chapter running on the same identical hardware.

    I dont think console games are so different from pc games these days. left apart the strategic games and Crysis, we're basically playing with console games adapted for mouse and keyboard, and well the Xbox 360 is no different from a computer with fixed components.

  • and the fact that it needs a controller.......... I guess

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  • console games have always been, and will always be limited by there very nature.

    limited by there hardware, and limited by there controller.

    sure its good that we wont have to upgrade, but i highly doubt crysis as it is now could run on a console, which makes me think it will be worse than the original.

    idk, i will probably buy it as well, but i have serious doubts about how good a pc/console game can be.

    some of you may be to young to remember all that halo was supposed to be before it stopped being developed for PC and became a xbox only game, i fear that crysis just wont live up, just like, to me, halo didnt either.

  • some of you may be to young to remember all that halo was supposed to be before it stopped being developed for PC and became a xbox only game, i fear that crysis just wont live up, just like, to me, halo didnt either.

    Halo has never been such a great deal here. But still consoles used to be awesome for games, because their architecture was thought having in mind just and only playing games. From the times of the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo until the first Playstation at least, consoles were really awesome for games and pc were only about FPS and strategic games you couldn't find anywhere else.

    Nowadays high end consoles are more like some pc wannabe devices. so they have general purpose multi core CPUs like computers, the first playstation had an awesome custom MIPS like processor, the last one instead has a super CELL IBM processor with 8 or 9 cores. I mean consoles now want to surf the Internet, save movies and content on Hard Drives, they want to replace computers. so the difference between console and pc games is very thin. the mouse/keyboard pad issue is just a matter of adding a peripheral to the USB port of the Xbox, no big deal. and if you look at the quality difference of the average pc games, the only difference is that for having a sharper image on your screen you need to buy a graphic card 6 times faster of the one mounted on the current consoles. moral of the story, desktop pc's are going to disappear from the market in a few years, I bet all my cassate on that.
    Call of Duty 4, GTA4, Mass Effect, Resident Evil 5, Left for Dead.. we are already playing with consoles games often badly adapted for pc so that we need a nuclear plant to play them smoothly.
    At least Cevat Yerli cares about doing GOOD products for pc, so I am sure that he will put a lot of attention to make Crysis 2 to please the pc audience as well.

    And yes it can't be worse than CoD 6. anyway this whole jazz happened because Crytek didn't get enough revenues from pc exclusive games. how sad

  • lol snowy your leaving out the industry/business/banks/Graphics-production you name it, desktop pc's are going to be around for a long time to come ..well until we all can afford minority reports tings.

    Plus when it comes to gaming yes some company's will die, and others will come to pass...but all it takes is one good PC only game and you'll get crazy peeps willing to spend 10X a console price.....Cough :)

    yes PC games will see a shrinking/sharing of its market....but when it comes to hardware...take Nvidia, their not contempt with just games......think of there Quadro range. ....that's not going anywhere in a hurry.

    As all thing its big business (and not the games market alone) that fuels alot of what we get to play with.

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  • today what sells are notebooks, netbooks and embedded solutions. Desktop pc's are just a very marginal share of the consumer electronics market. Yes probably businesses and banks will need them still for quite some time, but except for Intel and Microsoft, no one really cares about investing in desktop computers anymore, they are a dead end sector of the electronics market.

    in the future computers will simply be embedded in ultra-thin super high contrast monitors, and no one will really bother about assembling a computer anymore.
    low power, embedded, portable, small. this is where we are going. just take a look at the Desktop pc's figures of today and you can see why I am saying this.+

    Nvidia will keep his business of course, but focus more on notebooks and cell phones or media centers rather than Desktop computers. you can see that happening now already.

  • Doesn't everyone in this forum and everyone playing Crysis intend to use and upgrade their desktops for a long time to come? I don't have an issue with space, and I don't care for mobility so why would I want a portable pc? Just look at Holy, he just recently went from a laptop to a desktop for the first time. The pc gaming community isn't going anywhere for the time being...unless DMC keeps tempting me with torrents.

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  • snowy, i think you have the right idea, in the end, as technology shrinks, things ultimately get smaller.

    eventually a computer 100x more powerful then mine will be the size of a pen, i will twist the pen to write, and i will click it so a 20x20" "Screen" becomes visible, that i can interact with my hands, etc.

    but, consoles are what will die out, computers will never die out, because consoles are and always will be limited, and computers can and always will be more versatile. they have attempted to make consoles more like pcs, but it wont work.

    most businesses still use desktops. current technology really limits the use of netbooks to web surfing and micrsoft word. there hardware is to limited for serious data handling, or graphics handling.

    netbooks are to pcs what gameboy is to nintendo (or whatever they have now a days) a convient thing to have on the go, but not a full replacement for a desktop.

    sure eventually things smaller then netbooks will take over, but by then everything will be solar powered, cars will fly, data will always be streamed wirelessly via radio frequencies, and we will all be dead.

  • Yep merry Crimbo...too one and all!!

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  • Well this went totally off topic, Isnt this supposed to be about Crysis 2 sucking or not.

    I'll buy it for sure on pc and if i have t dough i will also buy it for ps3 and will let yous know which is better
    I can play wit you guys on pc, and with my, in t flesh, friends on ps3 XD
    Happy Days XD

    Maximum Christmas dudes and dudets


  • me 2!!!! i have PS3.............. but idk if theyll let me buy the game......

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  • Holy crap. I'm gonna need a new video card. A massive video card that rocks and costs me more than I payed for my mobo+cpu+ram.

    overclocked and water cooled mang!