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    , but I am disappointed to hear that he booted you from your vehicle rather than simply saying "Don't shoot me in my base, please".

    don't worry i had my trusted chute working to make my butt touch the soil more softly. I think Pointy doesn't like me too much when I am in a chopper, i dont know, i have that feeling.

    I dont' think you cheat chris. I am pretty sure you are on Thor F.A.'s list (join TS sometimes to understand what I mean :P).
    and you are almost as annoying as Lc to kill, but at the moment I think you are one of those skilled players that I will never reach not even in another life with another computer. of course I am better than you with the shotgun, thats my boomstick.. :wink:

    I hope you guys were not mad at each other? :)

    eh eh no, I was annoyed yes because I almost got him - or I thought in my head I did - and I lost the chance to finish him. plus I am very attached to my choppers, like physically in love with them, so it was a major trauma to get booted off it. but I understand how annoying it is to get rockets in the base while repairing. so no hard feelings at all for Pointy decision from my part.
    I am just a passionate player so like I was loud and screamed like a crazy person, that's it.

    so the moral of the story is that it is cheap but 100% legal.
    thank you for the great explanation Ripley!

    Gruss Gott!

    Its highlighted in rule 3.3 there once you fire your pretection is gone,
    if it wasn't so a sniper could snipe from base all day and the rules wouldnt allow you to shoot him

    spiffy Wardy! it seems like I followed rule 3.3 then :) . but from that only it seems like armor and soldiers are free to shoot/snipe from the base and keep their baserape protection since the rule talks only about AIR vehicles..
    For example sometimes I like to buy a Gauss Jeep and snipe aircrafts from within the base walls/area.
    I think a good idea would be to extend the rule 3.3 also to vehicles and infantry, or even better to rephrase rule 3.1 and 3.3 together, since they clash one against the other. A possible single rule could be something like:

    "it's considered baseraping whenever an enemy kills you within the base area without you shooting at him or someone from his team first"

    and then a rule to explain what we intend for "base area".

    I'd like to hear Ripley, DMC or Evil about this. Just to be safe,.

    So basically today me and Pointer were having some dogfight, him using a vtol and me in my rockets loaded chopper. At some point Pointy (terrible mix of words I know :)), after taking some damage, returned to base. so I followed him down and started shooting rockets at him while he was at his base airfactory to repair his vtol. Before I destroyed him, he forced me out of the chopper telling me I wasn't allowed to do that.

    Now I remember talking during CoP old times, with one of the admins about this (I don't remember if it was Ripley or DMC or SCANNER or somebody else). and I don't think I am crazy or I am making this up. I am pretty sure that I was told loud and clear that, if someone with a vtol or a chopper or a tank, comes back to base for supplies or for repairing, then if I tried to finish him off, inside of his base, that was NOT baseraping.

    And that makes sense to me, since the point of the baseraping rule is to not allow enemies to wait outside or inside the enemy base, and shoot at the players SPAWNING there. But if a player goes BACK to his base to repair his tank-whoring vehicle, I don't see where is the raping if I follow him and destroy him wherever he hides, base included. of course if I follow him down to his base and start shooting at other players spawning there or building their choppers, then that would be baserape.

    I am saying this because it happened to me a number of times to go back to base with the chopper to resupply with rockets and find an enemy chopper destroying me seconds before touching down in my base. I don't remember that was ever classified as baserape or that someone punished a player doing that to me.

    On the other hand in this forum, server rules for player say that it is considered baseraping destroying anything inside of the base. So I must be wrong and this whole thread is useless.

    To Pointer and Farlock: I am sorry if it turns out I went against the rules. if that's the case, even if I don't agree with it, I won't destroy any vtol returning to his base anymore. it's a shame though if I don't agree with the rules of my own clan, situations like this shouldn't happen. I am playing with you guys since a good amount of time and it's the first time I end up booted from my own vehicle. it was a bit sad =[

    it's very pretty but something doesn't feel right about that video. Once I saw the last scene with the airplane, the bike and the car all together happily in the air. They must have tried that a number of times at least without the TV guy in the car of course. I doubt he was in the car all the time long.

    I wonder how much video memory you need to keep all those pixels refreshed on screen, I'd say at least a Geforce series 2. It looks cool but I am not sure, it is a weird extreme solution, I'd be curious to check its EM emissions.
    but WHAT THE HELL! 0.02 ms response time? 20 us ? thats crazy fast!

    on the other side the website is hilarious, they totally spoofed the Apple website, wao.

    I have played to the first STALKER game, Shadow of Chernobyl, and it felt overwhelming, like HUGE areas to explore and very easy to die and damn hard to kill enemies from a distance with a rifle. dialogues were long and pretty boring and there was a lot to walk back and forth through maps.

    it would be nice to have the chopper next to the bar as well as the reinforcement trucks next to proto entrance that keep spawning. I feel a bit sad about the lack of war and air factories. I feel like it really change the way the game is meant to be played on big maps. I wouldn't like the map to end up as a SCAR shooting contest, variety is important.

    between those 2 names I vote for Mesa Redux, even if it's not a gorgeous name. Old school Mesa sounds like something very classic, when Scrim is not a very vanilla/classic way to play.

    what about "Mesa V version" or something with the word "version" in it ? or Mesa 1.2

    I'm with you evil for adding the map to the main server. I loved the bar with chopper on the top of the mountain, even if I had to buy a super jump to get up there. I didn't understand instead why in C7 you put 2 bunkers. it's a bit odd. on top of the crane in proto there's a gauss frozen rifle, which nobody will ever stay alive enough to use I hope, and some fire scar ammo that don't work. that's another odd thing.

    I loved the birds flying around. nice touch.

    for the name it should have the word OSF to make things simple. !=OSF=Mesa 24/7 UPDATED!

    apparently this guy kept word to his threat of targeting our TS server, since we had this annoying Turkish rapper vs germany showing up tonight with annoying "music". it wasn't even that annoying, it was funny :lol:

    we can always set up a password to avoid future intrusions..

    congratulations Big Visk ! I don't know what's the difference between an attorney and a lawyer, but anyways sounds coolio.

    I never left the FY team, I never cheated on it =] plus, geez, it's too much fun to pick up enemy's SCAR and have a double magazine of automatic rifles. I also feel like the FY forces you to be more accurate having a smaller magazine, you pay attention at not spraying around too much (okay I still spray a lot *cough cough*).
    Anyway even if you betrayed the FY league, Evil, I may be generous and let you in again. :roll: ok ok you can come back

    I can teach him the shotgun art if he's worthy of handling the holy shotgun with laser and reflex sight. it can't be paired with a SCAR or FY, that would be a sin. :evil:

    he's always been in for me, I never even payed attention that he hadn't written OSF on his head, I always felt him in the team :) oh and turn on the settings so you are more human to defeat.. *bang bang*