FUCK YOU, I quit

  • "HolyDiver" pokes you: fuck you u stupid piece of shit
    "HolyDiver" pokes you: go die in a fucking fire you faggot
    "HolyDiver" pokes you: i hope you feel cool because ur a whole 12 years old of man
    "HolyDiver" pokes you: suck my fat dick bitchface
    "HolyDiver" pokes you: i hope your happy with your tiny fuckiing dick thats all cool in DAYZ
    "HolyDiver" pokes you: oh man nerd nerd nerd


  • The hell got into you now? Go sleep it off and come back, call me any names you want but I have my reasons. Don't just ask for the box location when there's another guy in TS we don't know if we should trust with everything, more things to say about that. And you start to behave immature, of course I'm behaving retarded but you do realize that I'm joking, aye? More shit to write but I just don't want to bother with it.

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  • Quote from "RwWolf"

    The hell got into you now?


    ...someone should move this to the "spam for unintelligent chat" forum.

  • Wow that was entertaining :lol:

    "when i look on this i think its potatos"
    Tryton on life

    "I really like to take them from the rear"
    Tryton on Battlefield tactics

  • Holy, WTF? You die in DayZ, it's normal, happens to everybody. It's not even like your gear was unrecoverable, we could have immediately flown you back and gotten your stuff, but you just storm off. Nobody to blame but yourself.

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