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    Shibs have you been a naughty boy? The mere fact you bothered to log in again shows you care, hope your not in to much trouble and its only a minor blip and when your back hopefuly you will pop by and say hello.

    Lost for words really, parts of me think Robocop should run for president as he would get my vote, but at the same time maybe a tad to far?

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    we have dice employees in our ts? maybe we can talk him into bringing the mav back

    He appears to spend more time gaming with us and others whilst at the office, anyway do not blame him blame the countless people who suffered the terrible fate of being Mav'd who then cried to dice to nerf it.

    I just unlocked the phantom bow, I had to degrade and humiliate myself for many hours to get the achievement, only to find out its crap. Because if they made it awesome those that didn't have it would cry.

    Team Crysis International I think, not real Crysis though ;) I'm just glad to see the Euro side of this community picking up.

    We can change it to Vanilla maps only, to be honest thats what most of us play anyway.

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    I vote yes,

    Upon you're entrance, We expect you too stock pile 4 bags of blood for any future Apocalypse.
    Also, We will need you to personally meet every current member and cut your palm and let the blood mix with each members.

    Thank you for your compliance,

    I rest my case.

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    So that's a yes? :D

    Well some guys left that in my opinion i was glad to see go as i think they added nothing to the community, there may be a situation where they may want to come back and the whole voting process has point in situation.

    As far as I am concerned you were not one of those guys, so yeah its a YES from me.

    Its just a shame I no longer really join in with what you guys are into at the moment.

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    I think platoon should be able to join for friends OSF members which are joining ts its just a platoonthats gona make OSF more popular and we will get some points in platoon to get points we have to take 5 players in one game its hard to do that coz not many members playing this its like dmc,ryan,ginia,arborist and me so thats only 5 active players.

    That was the idea, to make OSF more popular..... We started a new platoon, for OSF and friends named TLJ and will see how that goes.

    We only need 2 active players in game now to boost the platoon score, I am not worried about having great stats for the platoon just active players who enjoy playing as a group together. If I was worried about stats i'd play games that I know I can win and dominate, personally I like a challenge and do not care about my kdr.

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    Sorry but that is a clear no from me on this one. We all agreed on our voting system for applicants to join OSF and I remember quiet a few guys being really proud once they got enough votes. Being able to wear the OSF tags in any game is some kind of privilege as a return.
    Thats why I find it unfair towards a core member when some random guy joins our friends-n-members BF4 platoon who gets the tags "for free". Also, I cannot see any link between populating our server and being part of a platoon or wearing tags.

    ...and who cares about boosting platoon statistics... maybe some esl guys

    Thanks for your input Ripley, and yes I know exactly where you are coming from, I wear my OSF tags with pride.
    Now we have the voting system and I like to think that it what true OSF members want to achieve and be a part of the community, those that play in the platoon does it really matter? I am torn myself and that is why I started this topic to judge others opinions.
    I have known a lot of the new platoon friends a long time particularly PumbaaSWE, and i think those that play with him and are in TS with him know he is an all round nice guy, as are many of the other players and are only accepted into the platoon because they are people who i believe represent the core values of our community.

    At the end of the day, if its not a united decision then no one can use the tags, those using the clan tags will be kicked, which at the moment are only members who are not actively playing with us and will be kicked anyway.

    Been trying to boost the popularity of the server in BF4 and recently friends i have been playing with in BC2, BF3 and now BF4 have requested to join the platoon. Now on accepting them they are automatically given OSF tags, most such as PumbaaSWE and his friends quickly switched back to their own tags. So have the TnT guys and TCI guys.

    TCI Dezibel made a good point on our platoon feed, that having the OSF platoon set as active (main platoon they have allegiance to) help to give that platoon a Stats boost when we play together and most of these guys often help populate the server or sqaud up with us in other servers and occasionally join TS.

    So the point of this topic is, do we allow them to use our OSF tags when playing in our platoon to help boost the platoon statistics and populate our server?

    As it stands there are some guys I will kick for using our tags as they rarely play with us as a group or join our TS and in my opinion this means they have no right to use our tags, as for the others like Pumbaa and Dezi and Pointers friend?relation? Daywalker I am personally happy to make and exception in BF4 for them to have tags for platoon play.

    What are others thoughts on this?

    The problem is, it was those that played with cheats that ruined Crysis Wars and ESL, Turkasker although i am sure you probably do not cheat now and you've become a god of the game I just have no interest in playing and trying to get my skills back, at least the skills I had were honestly earned.

    Hi Delphinek, we are not French, FR16 is just the tag assigned to the server for reasons I am not sure off.

    We are an international clan, unfortunatly we no longer play on FR16, we still host it thanks to group member Teabag, and icomrade does all the admin and server side settings.

    Anyway if you need any assistance or help thats what the forum is for, we also have TS which you can use and contact us with a polite poke if you need to ask a question or suspect there is a cheater in the server. Please appreciate many do not play Dayz or are involved with admin of the server so may not be able to help you.