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    Alpha 3.8 is now live. It definitely has its flaws and quality of live will be better with upcoming 3.8.x patches but here is the new content:

    o7 at all, NDA is gone so here is a quick view on the new planet Microtech

    Edit: the blurring comes from the water on the ships cockpit window. Its part of the weather system.

    Alpha 3.6 PTU (not live! Installation of the new launcher necessary) is now open to all backers. If you expect a playable game: it´s not. It´s buggy, it´s crashy, it has fps drops.

    If you haven´t been into it for a while I suggest to check it out due to the new flight model, head tracking (with webcam) and beautiful new assets like R&R space stations and Planets

    Economy ist still kind of meh but basic trading does work already (check for trade routes).

    With 3.6 the first step of a law system will be implemented which should make you watch out for where to sell illegal stuff.

    Also buying all flyable ships ingame is available with 3.6 (they stay in your fleet until the next wipe).

    Buying components like shield gens, weapons etc. was implemented a while ago but actually now it gets interesting since you can feel the results now. Including damage over time when you overclock them or misfires from ship weapons.

    Still far from being a finished game but its making baby steps

    2min Alpha 3.6 fly by of one of the new R&R space stations including head tracking which actually works pretty well now.

    Landing is still a bit wonky since hover mode needs love.

    Yo Vin Diesel you heard about 1st implementation of Face over IP in Star Citizen Alpha 3.3?


    Did you know that you can change "Vin Diesel" into "I END LIVES"?


    Noobifier does a nice walkthrough of the newest and biggest ship so far, the Reclaimer. I own a lot of ships but not this one: I want to earn it ingame because.... Nostromo u know.

    SC Alpha 3.0 PTU Build is now open to all backers so anyone should be able to download it.
    Personal opinion: I would not say it´s unplayable but at a stage where it´s far from being enjoyable due to low performance. Well, it´s a test build for an alpha release so don´t expect to much.
    Edit: https://robertsspaceindustries…tu-3-0-0-all-backers-test

    Here is an example of a cargo run:

    update 12/22: with "3.0 AR" just released, I am a more confident getting 30-50 fps depending on server and player count.

    Just a little heads-up about the current PTU status: you are not missing anything since performance and bugs are still a big issue. But it´s progressing steady with daily updates even on a Sunday.

    Today, I finally had a chance to join an instance with 30-40 fps for a couple of hours which is awesome once the game runs smooth.

    Evil: here is an info about the flight model in atmosphere out of the latest AtV


    1. If there is one thing that is for certain then it´s the next change of the flight model. The FM in general has been changed a lot and it will be balanced again. It´s like a pendulum until it finds a state where everyone is happy with.

    The current focus is only on stability, performance and bug fixing. A pre test of an alpha version 8)

    2. Especially in "atmosphere" (as far as you can speak of atmosphere on a moon) all the ships are behaving quiet similar atm. But they already said that this will change depending on the ship you fly AND depending on the planet. A Herald (info runner, no "wings") should drop like a stone without thrusters whereas a Gladius is more like an aircraft.

    BTW what you can compare on the moons already is the different gravity (walking/jumping on the surface) and the day/nightime cycles since planetary rotation is implemented.

    Oh and here is a chance to win an Anvil Hawk (bounty hunter ship) during this years anniversary sale: Anniversary special week

    And I need a crew later on for this beast: Hammerhead

    We had times with 50-60 fps (which is a big step from 20-30fps in 2.6.3) but right now servers cannot handle that many players, yet.

    Here is a cargo delivery to Levski with lower graphics quality due to server stress. Those are size 1 Standard Cargo Units which you cannot move personally but there are smaller boxes at wreck sites that you can loot and pick up.

    Very buggy atm, unstable servers, low fps but here are two examples of how the game "plays". The testing focus is just spawning ships and flying around. I hope I can add some cargo mission soon.

    Landing on Daymar at a mining facility which is on the "other" side of the moon so you have to go around via the orbital markers first.

    Visiting an emergency shelter on Cellin and flying back to Olisar.