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    Thanks for reporting this, if you give me your in game name or steam profile link I'll give you a couple briefs and a safe for the inconvenience and actually reporting the issue (which is appreciated).

    Battleye is pretty much disabled on most other servers, hence why they find it so difficult to find hackers if one does happen to come on their server, and as such they can only catch them retroactively. when making the BE filters I leave them on log only for several days until, and if there are no logged exceptions (in this case there weren't), I switch them to kick. However, there appears to be a difference between script exception detection in log only and kick modes, so a few exception have been created simply by changing the filter mode (which is obviously an issue with the log only filter behavior in BE).

    I set up a discord back when I was streaming. Reckless would have access and full permissions on it to make people admins in my absence. Someone keep me in the loop when and if things change, several of you fine gents have me on FB and have my number. I hate being fucking disconnected like this

    likely nothing will change if you use or you won't even need to update your TS setting, since I'll update the web address to point to the new server. However, if you use the IP that will change, and will no longer be The transition will likely occur before December 31st, i.e. as soon as OVH gets their shit together and set up the server

    Yes, thanks teabag and thanks commie for carrying the torch. Let me know if there's anything you need (such as help covering costs).

    I think we owe teabag more than anyone, so if anyone should get donations as of yet it's him. That being said, the server isn't being subsidized by business efforts, so I am bearing the full brunt of the cost, help with covering costs would be much appreciated.

    Teabag, let me know if you need to host anything, and I'll get you set up

    I'm waiting for a new dedi to be set up, don't worry. also, discord is shit so I wouldn't worry about that either. FYI you can use the free amazon AWS servers to host a teamspeak server, but if you go over a certain bandwidth threshold you'll incur charges, like HolyDiver's 2 gb movie uploads to the file browser...

    Edit: In the interim please do not change permissions, upload files, etc. on the TS server or website, as they may not be carried over to the new server.

    Gentleman and ladies, it's time to sharpen your knives, since we have a new BFBC2 server!!! We have a few servers up, with info in the below post. The game, despite it's age, is surprisingly well populated and is still extremely fun (I forgot how fun BFBC2 is) so give it a try!

    There is only one rule: Don't be a dick (this includes but is not limited to cheating, glitching, and hacking).

    There are still multiple vacancies in our beloved seaside city, including multiple abandoned vehicles, shipping containers, and a lovely 15 sq. ft 1 bedroom (no bathroom) bungalow!

    Finally, server specs.

    Hosted in VA, USA.

    Xeon-E 2274G 4.00GHz/4.90GHz

    32 GB 2666MHz ECC RAM

    Dual 1TB NNMe SSDs

    10G Network adapter

    Running Windows Server 2019 STD


    it depends on the implementation, generally, yes you are correct. There may be some custom features not includes with the manufacter drivers that may be lost (I used the sound driver as an example since Asus likes custom sound drivers/hardware).

    As for reviews, for motherboards I find them largely useless and choose a mobo based on feature set and value. The reviews are ultimately useless for performance (because it doesn't carry between models to a meaningful degree) and stability, since bios updates constantly improve stability (especially for x370).

    Yeah, I'm leaning towards the Crosshair 6 Hero now, mostly because I've had a good experience with Asus in the past (I have Asus right now, and it ran me a solid 5 years), and also they have pretty good overclocking utilities. I'm just hoping I can use (at least) the 3200 MHz on my RAM, but I'd imagine that Asus would try and keep their top-of-the-line motherboard updated and in-check to run properly

    yeah they're pretty good with bios updates, at least in my experience, until the next chipset is introduced then they just kind of stop. Their OC software has been pretty unreliable and crashes often for me in windows, so I just use the bios. You should be able to get up to 3200 on the 14 cas trident z or flare x kit. I'd buy from amazon since newegg return policy and customer service is shit.

    Edit: I should add that Asus updates their driver page maybe twice ever per board, which means any custom implementation of components may end up using the component manufacturer drivers as opposed to the Asus custom ones (ex. Sound device implementation).

    I've decided that I don't want a "first-wave" Ryzen mobo, just risky with reliability. I'd prefer to get a newer one where the mobo guys have had their hands on Ryzen for a while and worked out the kinks. I would get the Asus ROG Strix X370-F, but it only comes with one M.2 slot, and that's the only thing keeping me from deciding on it.

    Yeah I do share that same sentiment, but I'd fault the fact that this is a completely new architecture for AMD, and wait for a revised stepping of the processors. depending on the price I'll probably end up going with threadripper, due to the extensive IO and PCIE lane count, which is really where ryzen is lacking IMO. In reality most of the Ryzen boards were tapped out before release, and the only thing that's matured is probably the bios, not the hardware (since really a motherboard is a substrate to provide power and I/O for your system, most of which resides on the CPU or chipset). So I'd wager stability across the Stix-F, Taichi, and C6H is all the same; plus manufactures may occasionally release new hardware revisions of boards, need be (nobody wants to knowingly produce a flawed product).

    It's hard to find reviews of the Strix-f but it appears to be based off of the cheaper Asus Prime x370 Pro, just with a beefier VRM. Whereas the Taichi, and the higher end Fatility X370 pro gaming, compete with the more expensive, top of the line, corshair 6 hero. Here's a comparison which includes the gigabyte K5 (same as K7, but less flashy), that should be avoided.…rboard-review/index1.html

    People have better luck with the lower latency kits as well, CAS 14 one I linked to (The Trident Z kit is the same, but better looking and as such, pricier). The memory controller is part of the CPU, and all the mobo does is power the RAM and link it to the memory controller, so either board should perform identically, given both have good a bios.

    if you look at the bios update thread here, there's a lot of people posting success at 3200 with the linked kits (and at the stock 1.35 volts too):…o_1006_for_asrock_taichi/

    Yeah I think that there's a bug in agesa 1006 which has some issues with the auto timing settings if you OC the ram and use XMP - just use manual timings, I have to set them on my Asus x99 board otherwise it doesn't post if use auto