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    BFBC2 is officially dead and our servers are similarly being turned off for good.

    If you want to continue playing the game there is an unofficial option, Project Rome (linked at the bottom). We will not migrate servers to this platform.

    Thanks for all the dog tags over the years, it's been real.

    Project Rome
    Project Rome aims to preserve BC2’s online services and allow you to keep enjoying the game for years to come.

    P.s. "You like that? Huh?"

    Google offered the ability to opt out of the paid portion of the transition to GSuite for business. I have done this for our GSuite account and as far as I can tell our account did not close and we are not required to pay to continue service

    Transitioning back to Google is something that I would like to do at some point, but does anyone actually use the services? Is it worth the effort to sync back into GSuite and switch over again?

    Ripley, Teabag, Evil and the Administrative emails have been migrated to a new email provider (Zoho).

    5 users are free on this service so no additional users can be added. The Admin user will collect all inactive users new emails (if they are sent any from this point forward) if any assistance in transitioning is needed please let me know.

    Emails from Google have been migrated to your accounts with the exception of spam emails. Please contact me for passwords - You will be prompted to change them once logged in and you will also be required to use 2 factor authentication

    Notable limitations of the free service:

    1. No mail forwarding (I'd recommend using the mobile app to semi-regularly check your email if needed)

    2. login page requires full email login including domain, e.g. [email protected]

    3. 20 MB attachment limit (you shouldn't be sending items this large anyway)

    4. idk other limitations I can't find up to date info on free version features

    as always you can access email from

    Legacy mail, please login from google

    Edit: To be clear, the migration of emails to the new provider was done by email address. Since the admin email contains aliases for addresses not migrated (those that are inactive) this means that historic emails for those users have been migrated into the admin email/inbox. If any users need their old emails beyond the google suite shutdown, they have been retained. Until that, please use google takeout

    For those of you with an OSF email address. Google has provided notice that they will be discontinuing GSuite Legacy/Free editions and there are no free replacements from Google. There are small scale free email service providers which I am researching for replacement.

    Since we do not have many active users I will not transition to a paid or self-hosted option as the effort and expenditure is not worth it.

    BEFORE MAY 1 2022, =OSF= google suite services (including email) will be discontinued and transition of active users (those who, as of the point in time, have logged in within the past 5 years) will be completed. If you have used your email address for any accounts, have any emails, documents/images or data on google cloud applications that you wish to retain please migrate to your personal email within the next 60 days.

    Active users as of now: Ripley, Teabag, Evil and my addresses will be transitioned. There are limited free email hosts available, so you will see a reduction in feature set available to you.

    FAQ from google here:

    If necessary, please export your account data using this link:

    September 18th

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    To our BFBC2 players,

    Beginning last week, the =OSF= servers have been subjected to bursted denial of service attacks, targeted to only begin when player counts rise above a certain number. Obviously, the intent of this is to paint the OSF servers as unreliable or under-performing, but that is very much not the case. The web and voice services we host have been un-impacted, but the attacks have been successful in ruining in-progress matches on our game servers.

    We have been working to improve the configuration of the hosted hardware firewall and mitigation appliance rules, hopefully the coming matches are un-impacted by further attacks. Please let me know if there are any further issues; OSF members can be reached via steam or teamspeak (you can shoot us a message as a guest if we are in a locked channel).

    I've also created a Discord which you can leave quick messages and/or help requests:

    It's sad to see someone targeting such a small community of players that enjoy such an old and niche game.

    it's been so many years that i can't even recall that lol.....

    i already talked with Evil and i expressed my self that all i want is to play my favorite game and when i press TAB to see some =OSF= tags hehe

    i sent an application in the bf3 platoon that you made, please accept me so i can spread the word that our favorite game is playable again.

    have a good one

    Yeah it'd be nice to play Crysis again, but its going to be hard to get anyone to actually join.

    I'll join the discord to see whats up, but honestly i hate that pile of crap application and almost never run it. I also doubt anyone fires up battlelog anymore and the MAV platoon is full (last I checked)!!

    Be safe Sidious, stay away from that butthash.


    Here we are, the year Crysis takes place and indeed this masterpiece is getting a remaster. Although the world is ending and we can't leave our homes, we'll have Crysis to play at least.

    Anyway, post any info here.

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    Thanks for reporting this, if you give me your in game name or steam profile link I'll give you a couple briefs and a safe for the inconvenience and actually reporting the issue (which is appreciated).

    Battleye is pretty much disabled on most other servers, hence why they find it so difficult to find hackers if one does happen to come on their server, and as such they can only catch them retroactively. when making the BE filters I leave them on log only for several days until, and if there are no logged exceptions (in this case there weren't), I switch them to kick. However, there appears to be a difference between script exception detection in log only and kick modes, so a few exception have been created simply by changing the filter mode (which is obviously an issue with the log only filter behavior in BE).

    I set up a discord back when I was streaming. Reckless would have access and full permissions on it to make people admins in my absence. Someone keep me in the loop when and if things change, several of you fine gents have me on FB and have my number. I hate being fucking disconnected like this

    likely nothing will change if you use or you won't even need to update your TS setting, since I'll update the web address to point to the new server. However, if you use the IP that will change, and will no longer be The transition will likely occur before December 31st, i.e. as soon as OVH gets their shit together and set up the server

    Yes, thanks teabag and thanks commie for carrying the torch. Let me know if there's anything you need (such as help covering costs).

    I think we owe teabag more than anyone, so if anyone should get donations as of yet it's him. That being said, the server isn't being subsidized by business efforts, so I am bearing the full brunt of the cost, help with covering costs would be much appreciated.

    Teabag, let me know if you need to host anything, and I'll get you set up