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    OK, this topic is now dead. Someone close it, Evil.

    ?! all this talk is a paradox in itself... what happened anyways?

    You guys didn't like my complaining, so I stopped, then you still treated me like I still complained more, so I ranted about it, and now they hate the ranting. Since there's kind of no way to convince them otherwise after that, I left.

    Well, now I see what at least one person really thinks instead of them just talking behind my back... Thanks for that, Visky, and thanks for the tags being removed. I noticed no one else answered and you did, and I liked that. As far as the general unkindness about that last post, well, I guess you're entitled to your opinion. But I wouldn't say that being asked to leave, and then ignored when I want my tags off, and only asking twice or three times before it happens qualifies as "not shutting up about it." And if I ever bitched more than many members of the clan, especially some of those who bitched about my bitching, I've stopped months ago. I haven't stopped altogether but I have stopped bitching more than anyone else. I guess you all still think I'm a whiner because you're so used to my bitching that me bitching once seems like more bitching than another guy bitching twice, and it is only human to think that way. I've thought that way before.

    But that's why I left. Changing a lot of people to think of me as a person I changed to very recently, rather than who I was, is much harder than just meeting new people.

    Ironically, the people who asked me to leave did so because they didn't like that I was going on, getting ripped on, and still staying. I still feel like I wasn't getting ripped on more than anyone else as of recently, but I guess others think I am.

    Alright, so some of the clan had a long chat with me and it looks like it would be best if I leave. Bye all, and to those who still want to play games with me, just keep in touch with Xfire or Steam.

    M21, it's basically an m14 that's been turned into a sniper platform.

    I win cookiez?

    I want one of these:

    I don't know what the name of that is, because Killing Floor just calls it a lever-action rifle. However, going on what the guns look like in CoD WaW (which will most likely give me a false answer since guns in video games always look different), I'd guess... Karabiner 98k? That's probably wrong. Oh wait, the image name has K32 Receiver in it.

    Now if you can't guess this one, you're losing a cookie (some negative reinforcement).

    Cool, Hedero. The baseline one looks like a Crysis SCAR. And it's got a NOOB TUBE!

    Here's a good gun. The first one to guess its name gets a cookie.

    I've had the energy glitch too, and Evil, with that glitch going on and a lot of the clan being unable to connect with the PunkBuster error, perhaps it's time to restart the server. We can do it during a time when many OSF members are on TeamSpeak and repopulate it immediately by ourselves.