Killing Floor

  • This game is really awesome. Currently only me and one or two or three other members of this clan own the game, and I'm trying to change that.

    We need to start a Killing Floor division. And you guys need to get the game!

    BTW, I'll buy ArmA 2 eventually... I don't have any money right now.

  • Alright. I'll explain it... (I assumed you guys would look it up yourselves)

    I'll start from the beginning, I guess. You choose your player model, which really isn't important (but now with cheap DLC you can have a bad ass player model), and then you start a single player or multiplayer game from a choice of 5 8 great maps (and many community-made maps have been turned into official maps; they just don't come with the game). Plus, because it's the Unreal 2.5 engine, the mod site for Killing Floor has tons of maps and mutators, most maps as good as the original ones, and most mutators better than the original ones. I got a map pack of 14 of 'em and it was only 50 MB.

    Anyway, after you choose the map, you have the difficulty (Beginner, Normal, Hard, Insane), the game length (which decides how many waves there are before the final boss), and the enable sandbox checkbox, which replaces the difficulty and game length menus with a Sandbox tab, which lets you edit everything about the game that mutators don't. But with sandbox and/or mutators and/or cheats you'll have no perks/classes.

    Then you start the game and choose your perk. Each perk levels up by doing certain things with certain weapons/items, and gives bonuses to those items/weapons as well. You have Field Medic, Support Specialist, Sharpshooter, Commando, Berserker, and Firebug, and Demolitions. The Field Medic's bonuses are on the healing item, which can heal you or others and has unlimited uses--the downside is each time it's used, it has to recharge, which takes a while. Also the Medic can move faster and its gun is an SMG with a healing dart.

    Support Specialist focuses on grenades, welding doors shut, and most importantly, shotguns. Yes, you can weld doors, but the zombies can break the doors down. Also, your carry weight and max grenades increase. The super weapon is one of those fully-automatic shotguns with the round drum clip.

    Sharpshooter (my personal favorite) uses both of the handguns, a bolt-action rifle, and a crossbow with a scope attached. They level up only from headshot kills with those weapons. Their levels decrease recoil with the class's weapons and how much damage a headshot does. The super weapon is an M14 with a red dot sight, which does help since there's no crosshair in the game; only iron sights/scopes.

    The Commando has a wide range of weird stuff. His primary weapons are the Bullpup, AK47, and the SCAR (super weapon). He can see Stalkers* from a longer range than others and see enemy health.

    The Berserker has melee duels with the zombies, which is actually very awesome. There are 4 or 5 melee weapons that have different stats (did I mention the weapons have stats?) and it's basically a matter of slicing, then backing away from the enemy to dodge his attack. They also can't be grabbed by Clots and take less damage from zombie puke. The super weapons are the katana and the chainsaw.

    The Firebug uses a flamethrower. 'Nuff said.

    Demolitions has a 1-grenade-per-clip grenade launcher and pipe bombs. The super weapon is a 6-grenade-per-clip grenade launcher. The level ups increase the max grenades and pipe bombs you can carry.

    All the perks level up the damage of their specific weapon (except maybe Medic), they level up the discounts for some weapons in their class, and they level up the resistance against damage from any splash damage weapon they might have.

    Then there are different types of zombies. The first kind is called the Clot, and he walks extremely slowly. If they can reach you, you might be doomed unless the difficulty is Beginner and/or there's a friend next to you. One alone is pretty much useless. What they do is they grab you and don't let go, so that other types of zombies can kick your ass. If there are tons of clots all around you grabbing you, as I said, you're fucked unless it's Beginner and/or you have a friend helping you out.

    There's a red one with a sword for an arm that does some damage. Sword-fighting these is really fun.

    Then there's a boomer clone, but this one's puke also damages you by a shitload.

    There's an insect-like one that can jump at you, making them hard to outrun.

    *The Stalkers were mentioned in my Commando explanation. They are mostly invisible, but kinda seeable at close to medium range. They sneak up on you and do tons of damage, but I guess the Commando's main specialty is kicking their asses.

    There's one with a rocket launcher and a flamethrower, but he's not too scary with his small amount of health.

    There's one that walks really slowly but has a long range scream thing that shakes the screen, making it almost impossible to aim, and does a little damage too.

    There's a big fat one with a chainsaw.

    There's one that runs way faster than you do called the Fleshpound. The Fleshpound does way too much damage to count, and he kills all the zombies that he runs past to get to you.

    Finally the boss has a minigun, a rocket launcher, and extreme melee power, and he can cloak like Stalkers.

    The zombie types appear across many waves in that order.

    About the waves, in between each one you can go to the trader and buy new weapons and an armor suit thing.

    Finally there are a few side notes:
    1. The radio commands are like Crysis radio commands and very useful--not many games have that.
    2. Because you run as fast as your teammates, healing someone who's moving is pretty much impossible. That said, I don't know how the Field Medics do it.

    3. There are two handguns--the 9mm and the .50 Handcannon. The handcannon is generally more powerful but has more recoil, and you start with just a 9mm and a knife for the first wave. You can dual-wield either one or both, but that makes it harder to aim, because you can't use the pistol's iron-sights. The reason why that makes it harder to aim is:
    4. There is no crosshair.
    5. You have a maximum weight (15) and one is used up by your grenades, no matter how many you have. The other 14 are there to keep you from buying every damn weapon there is, because you do get rich if you're not kill-stolen too much.
    6. The maximum weight can be annoying because the "Special" weapons take up pretty much every slot that isn't used by a second handgun or a machete. Most of the perks have Special weapons as their best ones. The Special weapons include the crossbow, the best shotgun in the game, the flamethrower, the chainsaw, etc. Only Commando and Field Medic don't have to waste their entire weight with one weapon to do their best. But that probably fits because the Field Medic can use whatever weapons they want, and the Bullpup has a much too small clip--instead of reloading, you might want to use the rest of your slots with powerful sidearms or even a fire axe.
    7. You can't sell the weapons you start with (9mm, knife, grenades), but you can sell any other weapon to free up weight blocks.
    8. There's a downloadable mutator that modifies the weight.
    9. There aren't too many weapons now, but apparently the next patch is going to add some, as well as a new map.

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  • It's actualyla pretty fun game i bought it. Supports up to six players on a regular server probably more if you have your own server.

  • Cad Medics get a speed increase every level, are u blind?[and when you posted this the increase was Hufuckingmongous, (they've toned it down)] (with the new Medic gun its easier too)
    Cad Support specialists get an increase in the weight they can carry every level.
    I know it's been along time since you updated this but....

    They added a whole shitload of new guns, and new maps, its awesome. :D and they added a new class.

    Diver Level 5 Medic