weird Teamspeak ?

  • I just wanted to make more public an issue I have with Teamspeak RC2, to see if I am the only one with this problem and maybe finding out some workaround I couldn't find online.

    Basically when I play Crysis with my Trust desk mic plugged in any USB port of the computer I get everything working fine for a 10-15 minutes, then I start enjoying things like entering in a car and it starts moving one direction non-stop. Or, even more annoying, going off a jeep and my soldier starts moving one direction.

    So this goes on until I tap the right direction button and I stop moving like a loser around the map. Still, in combat when you play like I do, aka going Rambo with your jeep in the middle of a fight, it takes away precious seconds.

    Also, if you are using a chopper or a vtol, tapping the corresponding direction doesn't work at all, so you get to fly with a super dumb chopper that keeps going left so you have to keep pressing right to just fly straight :)

    so mm I just hope this isn't just due to my cheap ass Trust mic and someone else out there with a Shure super powerful noise cancellation microphone has the same problem.


  • Hm I used to have that automatic-going-one-direction thing also from time to time .
    I just had to press the same button of that direction once and it was ok again.

    i. e. car going left --> press "A" once and everything would be fine again. I cannot see any correlation to teamspeak :?

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    i. e. car going left --> press "A" once and everything would be fine again. I cannot see any correlation to teamspeak :?

    yes I figured that out Ripley but it can be very annoying to do that when you go off a vehicle in the middle of a firefight and unfortunately that doesn't apply to air vehicles.

    the correlation is probably more with the microphone set you use rather than with Teamspeak, even if we can't say that for sure. All I know is that when I don't plug in the mic and TS isn't on I don't encounter the problem. there could be some kind of "crosstalk" between the keyboard and microphone inputs and I can't tell if the software could manage that problem better or not. so yes i could call this "microphone problem" as well.

  • I know that if you lag enough to get a disconnection icon, even if it's so quick that you don't actually see the icon, if you're pressing a button during the disconnection, Crysis will act like that button is pressed down forever until you press it again.

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    These symptoms sound familiar to the ones that Arson and Tanktop have also both diagnosed for themselves. Tanktop believes it is some type of hardware incompatibility, but I find it hard to believe (and quite shocking) that he's having this problem because of his $200 super keyboard.

    I have never heard the TS theory before, but you must be onto something if it only happens when you're in TS.

    Have you taken a look around yet? I'd do it for you guys, but I really have no idea what kind of search terms to use. Maybe "stuck moving teamspeak"?

  • I tried looking all over the Internet in the past under "Crysis mic problem/bug" and no result, and TS seems a very solid software as well. So my best guess is that if I had a higher quality mic it wouldn't interfere with the keyboard input. I wonder why it doesn't affect the mouse too. this is where we'd need an IT expert who would probably know where all the peripherals are mapped into the computer RAM and if maybe some addresses are shared with the keyboard, or just know more about USB protocols would come handy.

  • it was an high quality sound experience even if it didn't solve the problem. now I am pretty sure it's the microphone. I spent 9 precious euros for it, so I am keeping it =]

  • Get a headset you cheap sod.....

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  • urban dictionary Ripley, it's the future! I always check that out so I can understand all the gross things I get told, very useful =]

  • Well I have a USB headset at work i'm not you can have that Snowy..PM me you address and I'll send them ASAP.

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  • well in that case i could give ya the money it would take to send you the headset..about $35/23 Euros postage, ..then ya can go put that towards a headset from a closer source.
    (I'll give ya the $ over paypal)

    or I can still give ya my headset when I fly over Italy, when I fly back to the UK for Crimbo..I'll just roll down the window and drop them
    (with a small parachute attached of course)


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  • you are very nice DMC. I must say I really love my desktop mic though, it keeps my head free and I use it to record my guitar ugly covers, Skype, all sort of useless things. it's not so bad =]