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    HAHAHA very happy to see damhsa na abhainn in there
    Its actually really hard and famous all over t world im syre

    I had to do irish dancing in school not easy
    T hole point is to make a beat with your feet by tap dancing
    But moving really fast keepin t rest of your body stationary

    This is real irish music this is the laguage i speak

    [video width=400 height=350]


    The way i see it if you need admin and you wont fuck around well you sud have it
    If your not goin to fuck around but dont need it then no point having it

    I got it because i was often in the server on my own due to the differant time zone

    I dont even use my admin anymore except for punishing
    If i wana kick some1 cuz i think ter hacking i do a vote kick i think its fair tat way

    Seriously Cad t fact you want it so bad shows immaturity
    You want something you dont need just so you can have it

    Still though if every1 thinks you wont fuck around with it than i say give it to you
    You have been here long enough and youll soon find yourself not even using it

    Hey Tryton

    I dont no bout this evil iv played him him for a while and he is a real noob
    But he played really fair and was VERY eager to learn

    Yes the english is an issue but his written english is not really tat bad
    just dont think he can speak it that well
    After tryin to talk to him on TS i resorted to just typing to him in game, worked fine
    Some slang like "cap tat bunker" he didnt understand nothin major

    Oh and hes polish

    I wasnt on Crysis much when this was all goin on in CoP with t email and ect
    I came back right at t end and was like WAT T FUCK IS GOIN ON

    I dont think you hack but like i said before your just tat dam good that you cant camp t proto roof or warfac roof cause its impossible to do anytin
    and makes t game totally unfun which is what we all play for

    This is stupid you cant donate with a laser card :evil:

    And t bank wont give me a credit card while im a student 8O fuckin pricks
    Cant really blame them though i have a bad credit history :x

    small maps shouldnt be in the rotation but can still be called up by an admin incase there is only 10 people in the game and a huge map is on

    LOL :lol: Can you imagine 32 players running around Frost, tat be insane, we should try it 8O

    Ripley is right Fedor is an ass and cant its a shame hes in the server if ya ask me.
    And we sud try get mistad hes a good player and never had trouble with him
    maybe get him on TS some day

    Changing maps i think is definately needed, a in game vote for wat map to play would be good.
    Only when you bring differant maps you have to consider,
    how long does 1 map last,
    people will end the game to move onto t next map,
    people will leave wen a shit map comes on ect

    Evil is right though first thing to do is populate t OSF server
    Although it will be a sad day :( it will be easier to populate wen CoP server runs out

    Arson you might not have t money but learn from my mistake if you cant afford the best dont bother just wait a little longer and save

    I caved over a year and a half ago and bought this piece of shit im on now

    I soooo wished i saved that little longer and got something better.

    This is what im saving up for now

    Power Supply - :: Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 750W Modular 1
    Motherboard - :: ASUS P6T Deluxe - Intel X58 Chipset, Crossfire/ SLI Compatible 1
    Processor - :: Intel® Core™ i7 920 Quad Core Processor 2.66GHz 1
    Video Card - :: BFG NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 295 OC 1.8GB GDDR3 1
    Processor Cooler - :: Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme 1
    Fan Controller - :: Motherboard Control 1
    Memory - :: 6GB OCZ DDR3 1333MHz Intel Extreme 7-7-7-20 3x 2GB DIMMs 1
    Hard Drive - :: 750GB Samsung Spinpoint F1 7200rpm SATA-II with 32MB Cache 1
    2nd Hard Drive - :: 750GB Samsung Spinpoint F1 7200rpm SATA-II with 32MB Cache 1
    Hard Drive Config 1 - :: No RAID 1
    3rd Hard Drive - :: None Selected 1
    4th Hard Drive - :: None Selected 1
    Hard Drive Config 2 - :: No RAID 1
    17 in 1 card reader -
    Subtotal £1,792.00
    VAT £268.80
    Total £2,060.80

    Got that price drawn up with DMC like 3months ago probably cheaper now.
    Id probably buy evrything from the cheapest shop and just build it myself save more money