• Fuck steam. They restricted 5 of my accounts, for the following reason:

    Now I have to contact fucking steam, and wait 2-3 weeks. I was trying to purchase Crysis, because I seemingly doesn't have it on any of the accounts I remember, because I bought it back when I was a little(smart) kid. I hope I'll be able to get the game soon.

    I also got this awesome headset sent for free.

    Gonna be awesome ;)!

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    wow! 5 accounts. Do i smell multiple personality disorder?? ha ha.

    Just don't want to put too many games on one account ;)...

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    Are you scamming people out of headsets, or just doing adverts for them?

    Scamming people out of headsets? Nah. I got some people sending them to me.

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  • Well thats a good job I'm not a fan of Razer stuff unless its free then I am a huge fan of Razer stuff.

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    thats ok, crysis keys from steam don't work anyways. mind telling us why they flagged your accounts?

    They're saying I bought something and I took back the money or something like that. Never did ^^'.