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    thats ok, crysis keys from steam don't work anyways. mind telling us why they flagged your accounts?

    They're saying I bought something and I took back the money or something like that. Never did ^^'.

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    Are you scamming people out of headsets, or just doing adverts for them?

    Scamming people out of headsets? Nah. I got some people sending them to me.

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    wow! 5 accounts. Do i smell multiple personality disorder?? ha ha.

    Just don't want to put too many games on one account ;)...

    Fuck steam. They restricted 5 of my accounts, for the following reason:

    Now I have to contact fucking steam, and wait 2-3 weeks. I was trying to purchase Crysis, because I seemingly doesn't have it on any of the accounts I remember, because I bought it back when I was a little(smart) kid. I hope I'll be able to get the game soon.

    I also got this awesome headset sent for free.

    Gonna be awesome ;)!

    Had this for good 6 months now. I'm thinking of getting a better CPU. But I'll be buying some better cooling tomorrow. I was suppose to have another GTX 680, so I could have SLI, but that didn't happen anyway :(...

    Here's my current specs.

    I have also added a 2TB External Hard Drive. Better cooling is on the way as well.

    I am using Dual Monitors, and soon I'll be buying some 3D Glasses for fun, for my main monitor. I've linked my monitors below.

    The 19" one is the oldest. It's so old, I can't even remember how old.. I have quite a big desk, so beside my big desk, I have a laptop, that's always ready to use. It's a gaming laptop as well.

    For my keyboard, I am currently using a G510. I have gotten lot's of free goodies sent from Logitech to me, that I have gotten through gaming. Prizes from LAN Party's and such. Most was won in the game called Counter Strike: Source. Below I have listed the goodies I have gotten sent for free ;)!

    ($200) Logitech G19 x3 - Yes, 3 of them! I've sold them all actually :).
    ($119) Logitech G510 x2 - Currently using one of these. I gave one to my friend, because I couldn't have won these without him :).
    ($69) Logitech Z323 x1 - I am getting another one of these for free as well. The bass is amazing in it.
    ($110) Microsoft LifeCam Cinema x1 - Really amazing webcam, best I ever had.

    And my biggest Prize was from Plantronic. I got 5 Plantronic GameCom 780's as well. I have sold 3 of them. They're really amazing for gaming and such. The dolby surround sound in them is amazing. Here's a picture of 3 of them, when I first got them:

    I am really happy for all my gear, I love it. This was also my first post :3.