New OSF server in Europe

  • Guys,
    I’m looking into hosting at I3D.Net for our main server. We have some options:
    - Colocation. We need to get our own HW. I’m looking for 2nd hand stuff: For example Dell 1850. Investment in the 100 – 200 euro ballpark. Extra Small would mean 50 euro a month.

    Advantages apart from price: complete ownership of HW, setup and test at home. Complete freedom of what we install. Disadvantages: HW costs and travel.

    - Rent the server also; see> I think their Fasttrack 2 offering is the one we need, but it is pretty short on memory. 60 euro a month.

    Advantages: Fast available. Complete freedom of what we install. Disadvantage: memory might be too little

    - Rent the game server.
    o 24 slot public debranded server costs 53 euro a month
    o 26 slot public debranded server costs 57 euro a month
    o 32 slot public debranded server costs 65 euro a month.

    If we pay for 6 months ( at the start) we don’t have to pay the 50 euro setup costs. If we would move away completely from our current hosting party, we need to host the web site and teamspeak on another server as well. But both could run from my home server for free.

    Advantages: Fast available. Disadvantages: not complete freedom. We have FTP access only to install mods.

    Also check out : for package deals.

    What do you think?

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  • i3D is where UltraGaming runs their server which is totally free of lag (at least for me) so this would definetely be an improvement for our server. Repopulating would be easy for us since we know that our game setup is being liked. :D

    Any option that Tanktop mentioned comes with one question: can we make the 50€-60€ ($62 - $75) a month?
    Until now, I can say that we could reach at about 40€ for sure but that still leaves a rest. :?


  • 60€ is roughly £49.50 for you UK folk...

    I can donate a months rent to help with the payment if you go ahead with the server swap.
    Does this mean a scrim server will be back up and running?


  • Rip,
    ($62 - $75) is this server like the Ultragaming/Server. I like this! Tanktop you have my money. I hope the other OSF´s say the same.
    In some month the AMS is on rank 1-5.

  • hey. that seems good. Even if i am not an osf member, i will donate for the server too, because i will play on it too and it should work great. :wink: :wink:

  • We donate a full month payment, hope that helps to start quicker a trial of 6 months on the new server and lets get back our old players.

    p.s I like the idea of paying for 6 months up front as we will win one moths payment if i understand correct.


  • Are we going to be able to transfer the server to crysis 2 no matter what plan you go with? I assume so but it is also something to think about. I would donate but I don't have a paypal and I am unemployed at the moment. Job market is fail in Ohio.