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    ORRRR you can do what my dad's colleague did... he overclocked his CPU to 8GHz and kept dumping in liquid nitrogen. Just kidding. I stuck with a simple H100 (closed set). Simplest watercooling setup, but its really just using water as a median between the air and CPU. I dont know much about watercooling though, so im afraid i wont be able to help. But i do know that maintaining and installing them can be a bitch, so make sure you have the dedication before you start this endeavor.

    As a IT technician for many years I eat installation manuals for breakfast!

    I think i've figured out the best way to do it with my case, just need to check against your set up when you're back Arb

    Part's I can get easily enough, it's just how people have the pump, reservoirs & radiator set up, Internal or external & shit like that

    I'm looking into water cooling my PC when I next upgrade my CPU and possibly my GFX card, can you guys let me know your water cooled set's and some pictures if possible?


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    nobody encrypts their disks in the gaming relm. file encryption will reduce disk performance drastically, since every time a file is called it must be decrypted. While buying an ssd is a good upgrade, there is no point in buying one when HDDs are way below $1 per GB, while most value SSDs are around $1.20 per GB. the only thing I would consider is using a 60GB (up to 120GB) for disk caching using the z68 chipset; it will not work with larger than 120GB drives.

    drive RPM does not necessarily reflect upon read/write speed, it reflects upon the drive's latency. overall, SSDs are faster because of it being a faster technology, not because it's lower latency.

    edit: Here's a good one for caching, read up on ssd caching with the z68.…aspx?Item=N82E16820227725

    The encryption was just a example of disk performance, SSD vs rotary, even hybrid drivers see a massive speed improvement when it comes to read/write

    SSD drive's are the BIGGEST upgrade you could give to your computer, Hands down!

    They reduce read/write/cache time by the bucket load!

    An example is full disk encryption on - 7200RPM = 4-5 hours - SSD = 1 hour

    You will pat yourself on the back for buying SSD!

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    i was typint into the squad-, team-, and allchatbox.
    when i type something it just shows my what i typed but nothing happens

    Are you typing the commands in right?

    /!say Hello World
    /!kick BlackH0wk

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    Thx Yoda!
    Yes, PB and Ranked are greyed out in procon

    Not sure why PB and ranked are greyed out... there is an option to write a exec file that could change server side options, or use the console tab with the commands that I have saved on my PC at home, I'll dig them out after work!

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    no, they still don't work

    What is the command you are typing in?
    Are you typing it into the chat box and not the console box?

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    add me :D
    BlackH0wk (like everytime: it's an zero in H0wk)


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    Is there a way to make the server unranked for a round? That would be ideal for testing things in-game w/o ruining stats and for filming videos. If so, I will also submit my application: my battlefield name is my regular name except the "L" is actually an "i". So it's necessaryevii


    There should be a way to do it via procon -> server settings -> config once you've been made a full admin on the server.
    You can also put a game password on as well to stop anyone else entering if your making video's/testing.

    I'll add you both into the group when I get back from work.

    Admin commands are now working in game - I need anyone who wants admin to type their IN GAME PLAYER NAME here so I can add them into the admin list.

    Below are the commands to use - Any abuse will result in admin rights being removed

    Command Response Scopes (default)
    Responses will be displayed to everyone in the server. Everyone will see "Phogue has been kicked for team killing".
    Responses will only be displayed to the account holder that issued the command. The command issuer will see "Phogue has been kicked for team killing" but no one else will.
    Responses will be displayed to all players that hold an account ("display to admins only"). Only account holders will see "Phogue has been kicked for team killing".
    All error messages are privately sent to the command issuer


    Kicking / Banning
    @kick [playername] [optional: reason]
    Kicks a player from your server
    The reason will appear in the response and is used to display to the player on the games menu
    @ban [playername] [optional: reason]
    Permanently bans a player from your server
    The reason will appear in the response and is used to display to the player on the games menu

    @kill [playername] [optional: reason]
    Kills a player
    The reason will appear in the response and message sent to the player

    @say [text]
    Says [text] for everyone to see from the Server

    @psay [playername] [text]
    Says [text] to a specific player from the Server

    Map controls
    @restart [optional: timer]
    Restarts the current map
    If specified will display a countdown timer than can be canceled with the @cancel command

    @nextlevel [optional: timer]
    Forwards to the next level
    If specified will display a countdown timer than can be canceled with the @cancel command

    Player control
    @move [playername]
    Moves a player to another team. Swaps them in Rush, Conquest, Squad Rush and will cycle through the 4 teams in Squad Deathmatch
    Queues the player and will move them when the next die

    No one will see you issuing the commands (even you) if you prefix it with a '/'
    /@kick Player
    (this text won't be displayed in the game)