New App to Become an Old School Fighter #43 from hazer

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    From User hazer

    Question: Xfire name (if applicable)

    Response: hazer90

    Question: I know the rules on OSF servers and understand that by joining OSF, I am expected to uphold a high level of maturity, respect, and responsibility.

    Response: Yes

    Question: Joining OSF - Ambitions Please choose the most appropriate option.

    Response: In addition to the above options, I plan on doing what it takes to become an OSF administrator

    Question: What is your age?

    Response: 14

    Question: Why would you like to join us? What do you hope to get out of being an OSF member?


    i would like to be a =OSF= member cuz is funny to play in your server guys and everyone is friendly there.

    I've found once a man lets virtue aside he finds sweet what follows.


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  • yes, i do and i created a Xfire my username is hazer90 :D

    I've found once a man lets virtue aside he finds sweet what follows.


  • my current vote is no. last night we were playing it was 3v3. me, this guy, and some funny not so good guy named clamidia or something, against pointguard, chachi, and some sniping whore cobra (course, pointy and chachi werent helping with the sniping, little sluts) so i tried some countersniping for a while, hazer got all pissed off that he kept dying and rage quit. He was only on for a few minutes. he didnt try any other tactics, he bitched about getting sniped, and his team not helping him. anyways, thats my story and currently my vote is a no.

  • hey big visk i pissed off when the teams where this me, chachi and a flop vs pointguard, u and verrater. the teams u mentioned are the start teams but the teams i mentioned was the final teams and tell me if that teams are fair.... :(

    PS: if i wrote something bad plz tell me.

    I've found once a man lets virtue aside he finds sweet what follows.


  • the teams when you were playing, the whole time, were me, you, and something like [fb]clamidia or something. v. chachi, pointguard, and cobra. from what i recall you were only on for a few minutes before you got pissed and left.

  • ill repeat all again..... that little time with the teams i said was the one that pissed me off!

    I've found once a man lets virtue aside he finds sweet what follows.


  • OSF members plz subscribe.. :D

    I've found once a man lets virtue aside he finds sweet what follows.


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  • hazer, i know you want to join, and you keep asking me for my vote, but regrettably i will not vote for you. something about your erratic play style led me to check your screens. i looked at over 100 of your screens, every last one of them came back as your screen capture having failed, or not having been received. every single one, im not saying you hack, but to me, thats just odd.

    if you play in windowed mode, i would stop as i know it can sometimes send black SS (though i play in windowed mode, and less than 1/3 of my screens are blank) so, unless you can explain why this is happening, or your screens start showing up, i will not vote for you.

  • Hazer, at the current time, my vote is no. Reason being, well tonight you nuked the base and many people left because of that, your microphone sucks, otherwise, just hang out on TS more often so everyone can get to know you, I think you're a good player, it would be nice to have you join, but just give it time and you will have my vote.

  • chachi, he had the tags in osf, but never in the server. so i dont think it matters in TS, only we can see it anyway.

    but, he still doesnt have the necessary votes, and i still want an answer if possible to my last ?

  • yes is true what big visk is saying i need ur vote chachi.. btw big visk i didnt understand what u said of the views and all that things..

    Sniper777 sry for ending the game the other day i didnt know i cant end the game is OSF servers, well i hope u forgive me and yes i will keep talking to u in TS3 with my brick mic.. :)

    I've found once a man lets virtue aside he finds sweet what follows.


  • Visk- in Hazer's defense, I'm not sure if it's fair to use the fact that his PBSS's are blank/black against him, as he realistically cannot control this even if he were a PB/Crysis Wars developer. Many people have this same problem and they do not use any hacks. However, I understand that you can use whatever criterion that you want in deciding whether or not to vote for someone.

    Hazer, you're a good player, but I can't vote for you because I can't understand what you're saying 1/2 the time. Please keep playing with us though. Hey, maybe after awhile of hanging out in TS, you might even pick up some English.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • thans for defending me m clearly not a hacker and my last mic was brocken (a brick), and it was hanging from a single wire :( so i went today to an electronic store and bought a new headset with mic, hope it improves ur voice reception.

    I just want to be part of OSF, no other intensions, and I can communicate with everyone, + I am already improving my english :D

    I've found once a man lets virtue aside he finds sweet what follows.