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    Hey Evil, I voted "Yes" specifically, for (Tioga). To a point I agree with the verbiage of "considerable amount" but as your example stated (10 yes) votes and (5 No) votes is a considerable amount, matter of fact, 10 is 100% more than 5, that is a "considerable amount." In this instance, the majority wins. Out of 15 votes, 5 are no's 10 are yes, 66% are positive.

    Even though I didn't vote "NO" I AGREE that it is unfair to change the rules after an applicant has already submitted their application as it pertains to that application. Rules can always change, but not to a pending application. That person applied when the rules were one instance...they are not applying to the rules that are changing.

    Evil, create a poll with those 2 questions directly and let's just see how it all plays out?


    Wardy, I would not necessarily say I'm taking this personally, but I think his tactic, by outlining people who did vote "yes" and then putting ridiculous comments is not necessary to get your point across, just cause I may not be offended, doesn't mean others don't feel that way and should not be tolerated. I just happen to express myself more so than someone else might.

    We have a good team in here, I enjoy playing with every single one of you, but calling people names whether intentional or not through a forum/thread can be difficult to decipher one's sarcasm, it's about as impersonal as a text message and very subjective.

    I like how because of one person's application, (Tioga) in general, we can create so much camaraderie between the clan, this is a good thing, we all want to express our opinions, just shows that our clan is alive and well. I simply would expect we can be fair in this due process to every OSF member and nOSF


    Personally, this is all fucking ridiculous. BigVisk, I don't appreciate you bulletpointing my name then typing "Dumbass" and whatever else shit you typed next to my name.

    Secondally, if this is a democracy, then we need to act like it. A mature voting system should be appropriate and sufficient to allow someone i.e. (Tioga060) to join OSF. To capitalize on the way you feel about a potential OSF member by calling other OSF members dumbasses along with your other comments is completly inappropriate!

    If the rule stated "10 OSF members needed to vote YES" then that's the rule. But to change the rules after somoene has already applied, is not professional conduct. Technically, if a rule has changed mid-stream, the person who applied should be Grandfathered under the old rules. I understand there are many people who don't approve or agree with Tioga's actions/behaviors etc... but there are others that have voted yes for a reason. There is total discredit going on with OSF members who have voted yes; it shows that we, OSF, do not value the input from our members, which is the wrong message. Whether, its Tioga trying to apply or someone else, treat people fairly is what I am asking and don't ever call me a dumbass again! If you feel I am a dumbass for whatever reasons you have, jump on to TS and explain yourself/rationale behind your comments. While we may not agree on a topic, surely we can agree to treat others with respect!

    -Don (Sniper777)

    Hazer, at the current time, my vote is no. Reason being, well tonight you nuked the base and many people left because of that, your microphone sucks, otherwise, just hang out on TS more often so everyone can get to know you, I think you're a good player, it would be nice to have you join, but just give it time and you will have my vote.

    Tioga has my vote, even though you are annoying at times, I think you're a good guy and you mean well. I clearly don't know you as well as some of the other OSF peeps do, but you haven't rubbed me (literally) the wrong way yet, you have my vote, yes.

    Now where do I vote...

    Yes I did modify this post as I realized I was creating a double standard, if anyone remembers my original post.


    I think 3 helis per team is more than sufficient. 3 per team allows there to be heli pilots if need be, but still keeps a good ratio of boots on the ground. Just my opinion, of course. Anymore than 3 per team gets pretty annoying.

    Just to reiterate what was already said in this forum/thread... V and G or (VAG) interesting... any way, were not using Admin rights for personal gain or to torment other players, I was in there base as well and I did not see anyone in ADMIN mode. I think this guy was just pissed off cause we were in his base, nothing more, nothing less.

    That's my 2cents worth and I'm sticking to it.

    You have a new Application to Become an Old School Fighter

    From User Sniper777

    Question: Xfire name


    Question: I know the rules on OSF servers and understand that by joining OSF, I am expected to uphold a high level of maturity, respect, and responsibility.

    Response: Yes

    Question: Joining OSF - Ambitions

    I plan to play in OSF servers occasionally on the weekends


    I would like to take part in weekly practice sessions and play several days per week


    I plan on contributing however possible, and take part in OSF activities on a daily basis


    In addition to the above options, I plan on doing what it takes to become an OSF administrator


    Question: What is your age?

    Response: 32

    Question: Why would you like to join us? What do you hope to get out of being an OSF member?


    Um.. let's see, I've been playing on the CoP server for over one year now and I think its about time to join :)

    not to mention, when PayPal is up and running i'd like to make a contribution to the cause.

    I am hoping to get ADMIN rights so I can discipline those who seek to disobey the rules while playing on the server. I can't tell you how many times i've been online and no ADMIN was there to do anything about the people raping and TK each other. OH does that piss me off... "can't we just all get along."