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    Bah, who cares about winning the match XD

    I'm all about K/D ratios.

    I want to be the guy that has at least 2+ K/D ratios >=)

    Hello All :D

    I am glad I came on tonight to play BFBC2, with a good shock of seeing many of our members online playing XD

    Anyway, I have played BFBC2 for a reasonable amount of time now, and I have been on many servers where squads are rendered useless because of the amount of people who prefer to be rambo and solo the map.

    Perhaps it would be ideal if we had adesignated squad and learn some tactics such as assaulting a building, or defending it and learn to work as a PROPER team :) We did well today and I have not gotten that much kills before :D

    All I am saying is that it would be good to see the squad system being used effectively and it would be very cool to see some army type tactics put into use in the game. I am pretty sure some of you have had training in the army?

    Hey guys :)

    Anyone miss me? 8)

    haha doubt it :P

    Today i had a curious urge to come on here to see how things are going in OSF.

    Its sad to see posts like these that lets me know that the OSF server is close to dead :(

    If its any consolation, if i didn't have my A levels, i'd leave my computer all day, on that server, just to populate that server =/

    On the other hand, i do like to see you guys are excited about Crysis 2 :) I certainly am, and am going to get it :)

    Perhaps, like you guys suggested, you guys can repopulate the server :)

    On another good note - some of you seem to have bought Battlefield: Bad Company 2 :)

    Perhaps those who've got it, should meet up one day and have a game and maybe even make a clan on it :) I go on BBFC2 now and then because i knew that

    the OSF server is nearly dead =/

    P.S- How is everybody? Missed you all you know :)

    haha :P
    i've liked this girl for the better of 3 months now, and i only started REALLY talking to her last week. She told me her parents have confiscated most of her
    electrical items, and i see the potential of her actually going to a good university. We also realy hit it off last week so i decided perhaps i better start studying
    too 8)

    Thank you all :) I shall miss you guys a lot :cry::cry:

    @Evil- never before today have i ever thought i'd have the strength to uninstall the games :L
    Its nearly 8pm now, and i'm already missing it >.<

    This is gonna be tough...

    EDIT: although a girl may have had an influence in my decision 8):oops:

    I received my AS level results today and i got a C, C and a U. In the old days i used to be a grade A student, and i have reflected that when i was younger, i spent less time on my computer or xbox and spent more time studying. I saw the faces of my parents today and their looks on their faces caused me to be heartbroken.

    Then i've decided without a moments hesitation that i will uninstall my favourite games Crysis, Medieval Total War and basically everything in this computer.

    Because of this i want to say goodbye;

    Thank you Ripley and Pointer for the most thrilling, heart-thumping, learning experience in Crysis. I hope you guys will rise to number 1, and hopefully when i come back you'll be able to teach me and kick the shit out of me on the way :L 8)

    Thank you Ryan,Thor and Felix for being the best team-mates i've ever had in the whole of my gaming life. Never before have i had such great friends and communication from you all :) Remember "You can't touch this" :L

    Thank you Tanktop, Verrater, DMC,Evil, Scanner, Bigvisk, Chachi, Wardy, Tryton, Pointguard, Arborist, Holy Diver, B-e-t-a, Pointguard for putting up with me since i've joined =OSF= and started playing Crysis. You have all been great teachers to me :)

    Anyway, i'm not going to come back till about July-September 2010 when summer holidays start and by that time, i'll probably have forgotten about Crysis wars and all of you. Hopefully not, but you guys will be sure as hell have to put up with me shouting abuse to you all for making me get a shit kdr all over again :L

    May Life Look Kindly Upon You All...And Don't Get Your Asses Kicked By Noobs :twisted:

    Love you all :)

    P.S i might stalk you all in the forums for some while yet :twisted:8)

    I forgot to put this in as well- if you EVER see me come on, Kick me from the server straight away :)

    Can we have the =OSF= practice server a place where we can practice our close range combat like the map uh...aim_depot i think it was :L

    Mesa is just too big for me to practice on my own :L

    My microphone is broken so i can't talk on ts3.

    lol i jsut feel so bad when i dont reply to people who say hello :L

    I'll get one soon , but i dont know when -.- weverytime i go out i forget to buy a microphone :L

    anyway cya in game =osf= :)

    For the last 2 days, i've noticed so many vehicle whores like FEDOR and Boardcore and now i'm really annoyed at this.

    While i'm sure they are entitled to using these NOOBISH VEHICLES *RANT RANT ROAAAAAAAAAAAR*

    i was wondering if we could raise the cost of each tank from the Infantry combat vehicle- Gauss tank by at least 50pp :)

    Im just really sick of these tanks and helis (raise by another 50-100pp please)

    and sure i might be unreasonable but i'm fed up with all these. I come on hoping i could improve on a 1 vs 1 fight, like ripley said last night "is no one man enough to face me?"

    Even ripley has noticed this bullshit and i'll just like to say my bit.

    I want more foot fights, and i'm fuckin fed up with the vhiecles.

    problem with non public servers, aka ESL gathers, is that you have to wait till some show up, then wait for all players to join,and play exactly the time of the match. You can join public whenever you want.
    And I totally understand that public admin can make mistake. I have no problem with that, I have been called cheater many times, but I dont understand why you are so hostile, like its my fault I am banned... :o I would expect an apology and a little more friendly atmosphere.

    From the great Simpsons on channel 4 at 6...a long time ago


    Proving that I dont cheat is not 100% possible, however I tried to explain everything which u guys found weird...
    And unbanning actually is a lot about credibility at least from my experience. When I got banned on silversurfing germany and 70xicity mesa for cheating, I just contacted the admin, told him I play ESL, showed him my ESL account and in both cases I was immediately unbanned and got an apology. I really cant see why its such a big problem here and especially why are you calling me arrogant. I am the victim, I got banned because admin cant see difference between good player and cheater and when I made this thread you called me arrogant because I dont agree with you.
    robot - 18

    just to add my insight after a day or two reading this topic...

    You contradict yourself A LOT wolfenzi. i would also like to point out that frankly, i'm sick of players saying that they played for ESL and from your post above, having an ESL account just doesn't prove that you're "99% not a hacker". Perhaps you got 2 apoligies and an unban from 70xcity and silversurfing servers however i can bet, that they didn't even treat you with the slightest bit of...(can't think of the word) suspicion, after showing your "get out of jail free" card. Well the problem here is that, admins in =OSF= like Ripley, Pointer,Tanktop and Arborist are experienced admins, despite not being at ESL level (oh dear -.- (!)) and have every right to treat you as a hacker until proven otherwise.

    True, you can argue your innocence, thats what this thread is here for, but unless you CAN prove that you're not hacker, and tbh, i know its incredibly hard, there are no screenshots to back YOU up, so quit actin all high and mighty because you're an ESL like robtherobot said and go and play on another server. You're just a big fish in a small pond.

    There are plenty of servers in crysis wars, who do not care if you're a hacker or not, but in this server, hackers are not treated lightly.

    (btw guys, do you know if LC was an ESL level player?? also when he is coming back to play on our servers?? i need teaching 8) )

    lol evil, the point of having a poll is to see the majority of the people wanted less than 9 or more than 9 ^.^

    if you add an option on the next poll for more than 9 this poll would've been uh...pointless :)

    the next poll should be something like

    1-3, 4-6 , 7-9

    ^.^ 3 options easy peasy :)