Do you have a ship?

  • Hello everyone,

    has anyone installed the latest Star Citizen Alpha Version yet?
    Since the launch of the game is getting closer I wanted to start a post concerning the OSF fleet 8-)

    Personally, my hangar contains a "Constellation Andromeda" which is a multi crew (5 players) and multi purpose ship with a tendency towards a use in combat since it lacks cargo room for more weaponry. It comes with a small P-52 one seat fighter as an additional defense ship.

    So I need up to 4 more volunteers to make this thing old school worthy. :grin:

  • Evil has the bed and I have the toilet... :lolno:

    For those who are not yet into Star Citizen: you do not have to buy a ship to get access to the game. I think the smallest package is about 30 bucks.

    With the latest 2.1 alpha version I made a quick video from my hangar:

    Here is how you enter the Constellation:

    (Sorry for the desktop views I am no youtube wizkid and shadow play does not work ingame)

  • Hi friends, I bought a 315p but upgraded to a 325a fighter. Have 2.0 installed but haven't d/l'd the PTU, doubt I will anytime soon. I really hope the devs come through on all the features they promised...and hurry up.

  • Rod sold me a Freelancer LTI to which I applied the MIS upgrade package. I also have a 300i but I'm mostly looking forward to using my missile boat/cargo ship with 5 seats and 4 beds. It's like a space Winnebago with cannons and tons of missiles!

  • And there is no loading time! It´s a continuous movement from space to ground. I feel more entertained in this alpha stage than from no man´s sky.
    So far I only landed on asteroids ;)

  • CIG invited me to be part of a smaller group that has access to a pre-sale of the Polaris which is a sub-capital ship / corvette.

    So OSF does now have a limited version of it which can be used as base of operations or for everything else presented in here:

  • Check out the latest CitizenCon presentation. Go to 1:25:20 for the fun stuff:

    If anyone is interested in the game feel free to ask me and/or enlist for free using the following link and it will give you additional 5000 ingame credits (worth $6):

    In order to play the game you will need to buy a starter package for only $45 and you are done. For $60, the single player part is included (called Squadron 42)

  • Wuite?
    True, it is an investment. Some ships are being resold after about a year for +50% of their concept sale price 8-)
    But I´d rather have fun with it in the game hopefully with some of you guys

  • I dont have you on my 2.5 live contacts list. Whats your ingame handle Visk? Mine is still Beast-Clintwood