star wars battlefront

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    The game seemed fun enough from the beta, although, after a while it did start to feel like the same thing over and over again. It's hard to say how long the game would last before it became boring since we only got 2 game modes and 1 map per game mode, so it eventually felt like the same old thing over and over again.

    If there's a free weekend or it goes on sale at a significantly discounted price I'd be more than willing to play it again. It was good fun just not worth anything over 25 bucks to me, like most Dice/EA game. Also, I know the game is going to have DLC, and the season pass for all the DLC, is an additional 50 bucks and if that fragments and ultimately ruins the multiplayer experience, like it does in BF3/BF4, I don't really think we'd play the game too much.

  • I only bought battlefront b/c I am a SW fanboy since I was a kid. The graphics are excellent (using GTX 980 TI), audio as well and you can play Boba Fett among all other heros, fly X-Wings and Tie Fighters and so forth. Apart from that it is a very simple shooter game, easy to learn, kinda arena style but with beautiful maps. Not even close to Battlefield 4 in terms of gameplay "complexity".
    If you are not interested in Star Wars at all you should not buy it.