New App to Become an Old School Fighter from shamE

  • There is a new applicant by the name of

    If you have an Steam account what is your profile name?
    : shamE

    Membership is on an invitation-only basis. Which OSF member has invited you to make an application?
    : NecessaryEvil

    I know the rules on OSF servers and understand that by joining OSF, I am expected to uphold a high level of maturity, respect, and responsibility
    : Yes

    Which is closest to your ambitions regarding applying for =OSF=
    : I plan to contribute, and take part in OSF activities on a daily basis

    What is your age?
    : 25

    What Country or State do you live in?
    : U.S. TX

    Why would you like to join us? What do you hope to get out of being an OSF member?
    I've played games with OSF on and off for a while now but I usually disappear when the competitive scenes for games pick up and I get absorbed by that. Competitive FPS has died down for me and I think I'm going to settle down and stay put or at least not be a stranger. Best group I've ever played arma and rust with and where I've always had the most fun. Met new friends and buttfucked entire servers with you guys and I would like to try again to make it official.

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  • Yes... as soon as you realize that not everybody outside of texas is canadian.

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  • :suprised: This app is almost a month old and only has 69 views and 2 replies. With my new son being here I dont the time for gaming that i had befor so I dont really know you that well. What does everybody else think? Is shamE a old school fighter or not? If i dont get a chance to do some gaming with you befor this thing comes to a head i will give you my yes if Evil and Scanner vote yes...


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    getting closer to getting a yes from me everyday


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    stop spamming me in ts

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