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    likely nothing will change if you use or you won't even need to update your TS setting, since I'll update the web address to point to the new server. However, if you use the IP that will change, and will no longer be The transition will likely occur before December 31st, i.e. as soon as OVH gets their shit together and set up the server

    that's good to hear. Seeing as I still have zero timeframe for a return to what I consider normal life anyway, the teamspeak issue wasn't so much a concern as losing the website was. I feel like I got teleported back to 1995. I have internet where I'm at but I'm pretty sure a 56k is faster than what I have access to

    Its never good bye. The door is always open and you know that. Nothing says you have to play games with anyone, just come into TS and talk if you want. So, not saying goodbye, ill just say see you when we see you.


    Sucks to hear about your trouble. I was gone for half a year too, after my PC blew up. Nice to see you're still around though.

    Must be me! Guess I'm just used to the blazing fast speed of life now and everything else seems slow. Newegg is going to like me though. Think I'm gonna get a new HDD and Monitor next week. Really want an SSD too but money is tight

    Finally got a new PSU and finished the install today. Powered the PC on for the first time since July. Things seem ok, but I haven't tried to run any games yet, though the PC seems bogged down to me. I think after I get back from work tomorrow, ill do a test run and see how she does. On a side note, why the hell does the forum think im posting this at 7am? Its most assuredly 12am

    Sup peckerheads. Just checking in to let you guys know im still breathing. My PC is still an expensive paperweight. Not much to do about it really until i can afford a new power supply. Oh and a new monitor because that took a shit too. When it rains it pours and all that shit. Hope you guys are still pissing people off in Trainwreck. God only knows when ill be able to fix my shit but im hoping in the next few months, im getting serious withdraw lol

    Safe to say im screwed. Took out the battery tonight, let it sit for 5 minutes. Put it back in, tried to power it up and nothing happened. Pushed the power button again and got a huge pop,and flash of light from the back of the vent by my power supply. Followed by the alluring scent of electrical smoke. Pretty sure my power supply is fried. Dont know if a bad power supply could have caused my sudden crash last night but its definitly a major issue going forward.

    Sup Boys,

    So tonight while i was giving Bot some spotter info you probably noticed i timed out both in game and in TS. My computer completely shut down. No blue screen or anything. Just black screen and that was that. I sat and watched as my tower tried to turn itself back on about 15 times in a row, without me doing anything. I cut my router and cable line and turned the power off at the switch and back on. PC started up but i got a message screen saying the previous overclock failed and when i continued it took me to a screen for CMOS? Dont know what that is, but it had a bunch of options i just exited without saving changes. It took me to the windows stopped working screen and asked if i wanted to start normal or in safe, i chose normal and plugged my net back in. Within minutes it shut down again, and i havent been able to even get it to start again. Not sure what happened here tonight. Computer is only 3 years old. So, either something broke or someone took me out. If something broke, i may be out of commision for quite a while as i dont have the cash to replace anything at the moment. At anyrate, im going to let it sit overnight and try to fire it up in the morning. I still have my wifes PC, but its not capable of running DayZ. For now the forums are my only way of communications. If you guys have any insight into whatever the hell happened, im all ears. Until im up and running though, happy hunting. If i dont think im going to manage to get in game before my safes all quad zero, ill PM someone the codes and ask that they refresh them for me.