• After the raging success of the recent scrim vs >XI< clan i thought another challenge is needed. A challenge has been issued to the members of 7oxicity. Hopefully we can do it again but with a little more notice and planning.

  • Having too many players is a good problem to have, but nonetheless we need to be able to report our player count with a bit more accuracy so we can get started a little quicker next time.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • I'm too unreliable to commit. When is this happening so I can just show up in the middle of it?

    overclocked and water cooled mang!

  • I've started sharpening my knife already
    It was an epic ass kicking we handed out last night, let me know when and were and ill be there

  • If it turns out that we will have more scrims in the future with that many people we may have to think about organizing squads better than yesterday, no?

    (except OUR squad that got ace squad medal 2 times *coughcough :P )

    What do you think?

    Seperate squads on teamspeak yes/no?

    Different squads focusing on different tasks? Like anti-air squad / air support squad / John Rambo squad / conquer squad / kill-F2000-and-taclight-squad etc. (btw F2000 is the new gAY69 in my eyes)

  • Good thinking rip, we had 3 squads so how about these

    Defend/Resupply and sniping
    Anti air/armor

  • It's good to see this amount of enthusiasm and feedback. I agree that organization was lacking, as squad specializations for example were mostly wasted. These are all great ideas, but we can't implement them unless we know who will be participating. If you read wardy's email next time or a forum post, you can respond just with "im in" or "i might be in" if you can/might be able to make it.

    Hopefully chachi's match against 70x goes through and we can try setting squads up ahead of time so as to swang our chains with efficiency.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • My bad to not respond early enough. Gonna work on that!

    Other than that my favourite classes are engineer and support so I would like to be in some resupply or vehicle / anti-vehicle position

  • I didn't see an email and forgot to reply to the post so my bad, But im down for the next one if its the same time.

    Squad specializations defiantly need to be preplanned and set out for all squads!
    So if a recon class is using a soflam to tag armour and air the anti armour and air can take them down faster.
    MAV's can be used be recon for Attackers to find weaknesses and check for C4 on mcom noobs

    Maybe even a 2 man convert/silenced squad to sneak in, plant a spawn beacon and then we can all cause mayhem by knife once spawning behind them!!

  • I considered the idea of a transport heli flag-capturing squad with repair tools. If my memory serves me correct, the transport heli is a team spawn point, which means other squads would also be able to jump out and cap flags as we fly around?

    Yoda mentioned the potential usefulness of the MAV...if we decide it is needed I would happily volunteer for that position, but spawn beacon placement is also my specialty when playing as recon. I'm also handy as support with either c4 or clays depending on the map.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • well my favourite classes are auusalt, engineer and suüpporter. i would like to be in a capture/attack squad :D

  • Sounds like my kind of plan Evil, MAV and spawn beacon behind enemy lines, silenced P90 and knife madness! I'm there with you!!

  • As some may already know, I was and still am against the idea of segregating voice comms as we lose contact with 2/3rds of the team. However, I can see how 12 players in the same channel could be confusing. This is why at least one player from each squad will need to configure their TS such that they can communicate to the other squads. I made some sub-channels in TS for this purpose in the future. To do this, click settings>options>whisper>whisper lists>add a new hotkey>whisper to: clients and channels>under channels, select Other Games/BF3.

    If we have another scrim with 8 or more players, this will be how we communicate. If anyone knows a better way of doing this, please let me know.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • the recent challenge of 7oxicity clan is dead since there has not been one response to our challenge on their website. their asses must still be too sore from gettin kicked in crysis. please list some potential matches that interest you and we can discuss from there.

  • I set up a topic in the XI forum. Going to try get a Crysis battle going soon some you guys said they where interested in that

    I also mentioned getting another BF3 battle going think most people enjoyed the last 1

    I found the easiest way was for them to pick a game date and time and that we would try match numbers
    and then mess around with the date and time to suit both clans

    Hopefully further update on this soon