New App to Become an Old School Fighter #81 from CaribouMan1

  • You have a new App to Become an Old School Fighter

    From User CaribouMan13

    Question: If you have an Xfire account, what is your profile name ?

    Response: CaribouMan13

    Question: Do NOT create an application unless you have been invited to join OSF. Enter the name of the OSF member who has invited you to make an application:

    Response: =OSF=Chachi_wan

    Question: I know the rules on OSF servers and understand that by joining OSF, I am expected to uphold a high level of maturity, respect, and responsibility.

    Response: Yes

    Question: Joining OSF - Ambitions Please choose the most appropriate option.

    Response: I would like to take part in weekly practice sessions and play several days per week

    Question: What is your age?

    Response: 22

    Question: What country or state do you live in?

    Response: Washington

    Question: Why would you like to join us? What do you hope to get out of being an OSF member?


    Well, lets just say that I am extremely palatial in this regalia. I like chain swaggin' as much as anyone else and I can keep up the chain swaggin' as long as I am able to be palatial. Mainly because this shit is regalia and I think that letting me in will let everyone chain swag. Don't you think so? ;)

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  • Yes

    "when i look on this i think its potatos"
    Tryton on life

    "I really like to take them from the rear"
    Tryton on Battlefield tactics

  •'s been awhile since I've been on here. I was out for the weekend. Like some weekends, go out have a party, sober up the next day playing video games or continue drinking for another party. :P Anyways, SuperNoob, if you're the same SuperNoob from Crysis 1 then I am MarbRedMtnDew. The old leader of [WEB]. I finally changed my name to eScapem00se for all the Crysis games and I have different names for other games. Once my website is done for my gaming bio, I'll post it and it will show all my names with all the games I've played and my computer specs, old and new. :) I am currently playing BF3 with the guys and loving it!! Come play just might be in a movie!! ;)

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    [WEB] FTW (Forever Together Wherever)

  • Because im an Abo and you sound awesome and all the guyz like you its a Yes from me Hope you keep up the hours unlike me with my hunk of shit computer!

  • Evil shhh i ment in games not pronos you wernt meant to tell anyone about that how many votes does he need though?

  • I remember the [Web] clan back in Crysis. I don't remember my name then and I didn't play it much but I thought the guys who jumped up the walls were hacking until someone told me to watch the youtube videos on wall jumps. Anyway, Yes from me. Good luck on BF3! I hope to get it here when i have some more free time.