New App to Become an Old School Fighter #45 from tioga

  • Yes, Tioga has done nothing to wrong me thus, I have no reason to go against him. A good idea or what say you for not only him but everyone. PLEASE use "un-common sense," with this /idea/ we can cooperate much better inclan and outclan improving positive socialality overall. With the range of ages of members, there is obviously going to be maturity differences in ALL members, thus disagreement WILL be INEVITABLE and frequently heinous as previous experiences have depicted.

  • Tioga has my vote, even though you are annoying at times, I think you're a good guy and you mean well. I clearly don't know you as well as some of the other OSF peeps do, but you haven't rubbed me (literally) the wrong way yet, you have my vote, yes.

    Now where do I vote...

    Yes I did modify this post as I realized I was creating a double standard, if anyone remembers my original post.


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  • I dont really care for imp anymore. I go on their vent occasionally to play RTS's like SupCom and Sins of a solar empire all night, but other than that, i dont really like hanging out with them.

  • i really respect what Tioga is trying to do here, i am not ready to vote yes, yet, but continue this path and it will come for many i think

    For now i will help you even your fourm rep

    Keep it up dude :)


  • Verrater - first post said only if you agree to remove imp from your name, have you??? if not i dont think he voted yes.

    Grigun - voted yes, stated may change later but i dont think you can change your mind, so G is the 1st dumbass

    Pointy - voted yes because hes a dumbass (even more so than holy for disregarding one of the few intelligent things holy has ever said)

    Chach - voted yes, dumbass

    Gamp - voted yes, apparently doesnt know how much of a dumbass he is for voting for a dumbass, making him an ignorantass

    Sniper - voted yes, dumbass, and makes me think we should have a trial period not only before admittance to osf, but after to insure we are not flooded with dumbasses

    Teabag - voted yes, apparently ignorantass, instead of dumbass

    (no offense to my ignorantasses and dumbasses out there.)

    di you infact take imp out of not only your xfire name, but also your crysis name?