player complaints

  • wow man, even over the interwebs thats obvious sarcasm to me. who the fuck uses tsk tsk while being serious.

    Tioga lol
    It was hard to convey that to either of us considering we took you the same way.
    Sorry if you were but the email pissed me off.


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  • LOL i always go on t losing team so i have things to capture
    I HATE spawning wit 100-300 p want to spawn wit 800 asap
    I do give out a lot in game about team stacking because more often than not im on my own fighting 3 or 4 OSF guys
    I do just say 1 of you switch or 1 will and t game will be 100% stacked and turn shit

    The internal clan scrims sounds class, maybe we should set up a poll to aquire 2 seperate times a week this can go ahead


  • here is the latest answer to my reply (I am not sure if I understand it completely):



    There was about 10 players. We played normally and then [censored] asked
    me for came and see what is happening in Korean base. Normal players
    died when they tried to fight them. Their own turret fire killed them
    but not attacking enemies inside Korean base. It was real game. You know
    _[censored]_. He can verify my words because he was there too. And he
    asked me to write this for myself and himself. But it is ok for me. My
    hope is that will not happen again.

    [censored] and [censored].


  • He doesn't speak English well enough for us to help him.

    Communication barrier - Case closed

    Verrater and Grjiun are innocent of admin abuse, but guilty of pissing this guy off.

    End of story.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • Well I'd say his reply makes absolutely no sense and he seems pretty pissed off. Just like in any business the comments box is only filled with complaints.

    I could go on about how he is full of shit, but since I've pretty well proved my innocence I see no need.

    And sorry again visky.

  • Just to reiterate what was already said in this forum/thread... V and G or (VAG) interesting... any way, were not using Admin rights for personal gain or to torment other players, I was in there base as well and I did not see anyone in ADMIN mode. I think this guy was just pissed off cause we were in his base, nothing more, nothing less.

    That's my 2cents worth and I'm sticking to it.

  • no problem ver. i understand a number of the comments will be bogus, but i still think its good to hear what the server population is thinking.

    I agree but like i said a comments box will always be filled complaints. So we should take everything with a gallon of salt.

    And thank you sniper.

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  • This week I had some interesting chats with the [TK] clan guys especially BigNig[TK].
    I will not go into details anymore just give you some advice: when players start to offend you and keep on insulting just be quiet and ask them "plese stop insulting and play". Ask them like 3 times and if they do not stop kick them. It´s hard for me, too but the only way. Do not fall in the trap and reply with "bitch". "noob" or whatever

  • I have stopped responding to the emails from BigNig[TK]. I'm not even sure what he wants anymore. If it's an apology, he will not get it in a million years after the distasteful things he has said. If the TK guys can't keep their mouths shut, they can be the 2nd and 3rd non-hacking members of our ban list.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • Message for -NH-Specter:

    Specter we realize that you still join our server (which should be absolutely alright) but very soon show a behaviour that OSF cannot tolerate (which is bad). I tell you why:
    - you accuse members of cheating/hacking
    - you use team chat only to say "looser", "pussy", "noob" etc.

    Everyone knows that this starts after you get killed a couple of times.
    In addition (and although you should have realized by now that I do not talk to you ingame anymore) you keep on getting personal to me.

    All in all I would like to invite you to teamspeak when you play on our server and talk to me to clear things up. Its your chance of saying all the things that you can imagine to me and I will answer. Do not forget it is a video game and at least all OSFs are playing to have fun and do not want to get insulted.

    But I tell you what: If you go on like you behave now you will have to live with the consequences.

    On behalf of OSF,

    I will repeat this in German just to make sure the message is being received:

    Specter wir sehen dass du nach wie vor unseren server besuchst (was absolut in Ordnung sein sollte) aber sehr schnell ein Benehmen an den Tag legst, welches OSF nicht tolerieren kann (nicht gut). Ich sage dir warum:
    - du beschuldigst Mitglieder sie würden cheaten / hacken
    - du benutzt team chat ausnahmslos für "looser", "pussy", "noob" etc.

    Jeder weiß, dass es damit losgeht, nachdem du ein paar mal gekillt wurdest.
    Zusätzlich (und obwohl du inzwischen gemerkt haben solltest, dass ich dir im Spiel nicht mehr antworte) wirst du nach wie vor mir gegenüber persönlich.

    Alles in allem würde ich gerne sehen, dass du in unseren teamspeak kommst wenn du wieder auf unserem server spielst, um die Dinge klarzustellen. Du kannst mir alles an den Kopf werfen, was dir einfällt und ich werde darauf antworten. Vergiss nicht, es ist ein PC Spiel und wir OSFs spielen zum Spass und wollen nicht ständig beleidigt werden.

    Eines sollte dir allerdings klar sein: Wenn du so weitermachst wie bislang, wirst du mit den Konsequenzen leben müssen.

    Im Namen von OSF,