Joining OSF - A Few Notes

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    Howdy guys..

  • ...stumbled over that freaky helmet pic from Gamiere again...

    Anyways, what I would like to come up with is the idea of adding a slight change to the Joining-OSF-Rules. As some of us (including me) are mostly playing BC2 right now they will not give any vote for or against a new applicant that is playing only Crysis. Thus, it may be harder for them to reach 11 votes. On the other hand if we find a nice player in BC2 who wants to join OSF all others playing Crysis will not vote in any way.

    One solution for OSF members could be to uninstall all other games except for Crysis. lol. no, jk.

    Shall we reduce the amount of votes necessary?


  • Personally, I think it's extremely easy to get enough votes. If you're a nice guy, get along with everyone in ts, and you play often enough, your application is basically an automatic yes from everyone so long as you manage to keep from getting on anyone's nerves (like aldo's naked chinese guy avatar which resulted in the subtraction of felix's vote). This reminds me that Chachi will probably mention being a chain swanger as a requirement to join. lol

    Looking at a specific example...I think krykiller only needs one more vote to get in and I told him he'd get my vote after one more round of crysis, but he hasn't played for weeks since then. I did a quick count and came up with at least 16 people who frequent the forum often and would be easy to get a yes vote from. That means you should be able to get enough votes to join even with 5 active players who didn't vote for you.

    Maybe I'm too tough, but I think 11 is still more than achievable...and a noteworthy accomplishment for those that receive it!

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  • Great idea Ripley, however, i think that votes should be from members that play the applicants game with him/her. For example, krykiller has 10 votes, BFBC2 only members have voted yes for him and their votes should be disregarded. this holds true with all applications including ALDO's.

    1. you talk with the applicant on a regular basis
    2. the applicant plays many games that you also do
    3. he is generally helpful and nice to you and everyone else

    P.s. we should list inactive members somewhere.


  • If some of us doesn't play on !OSF Power Struggle this doesn't mean we do not play Crysis. Was nice if we all was on the same time zone but unfortuately we are not. :)


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  • Are you serious about votes for Crysis players not counting if they come from a clan member no longer active in crysis? I'm on hiatus from Crysis, maybe I will never return, times moves on. Believe me when i say there is a big hole in my gaming now that i do not play crysis so often.
    For me it was always about being in TS with you guys and having fun in crysis, now in my active gaming hours there are rarely anyone from OSF playing Crysis so my attention has switched to Battle Company, I also find playing CW difficult on the US server :cry: or i'd join you guys there.

    Anyway my point is if I get to speak to a potential member of this community in TS, and see their contributions on the forum and deem them of good character then my vote should be counted regardless of wether I actively game with them, 11 votes is still a large number to get and candidates will still need to win over those they actively game with.

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  • time zones never were a real problem in my eyes except for lag sometimes but not in terms of applications.
    Personally, I am just not able to vote for or against the last couple of applicants b/c I simply dont know them. But ok we dont have to change anything thats fine with me. We always wanted OSF to be a rather small but exclusive group 8)


  • Games move forward, server support dies, etc. Don't know why we would tie votes to a specific game if we want to have a future community.

    Heck, I would want to talk in TS with most members even if I never played a game with them.

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