Picture of clan mates.

  • Every one can post there picture here!.

    I'll go first.


    I just realized I didn't want Cad's ugly mug in my post =/

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  • I feel like Holy's violated some kind of law here... I don't actually care he posted my pic, but I would love to nab him for it.

    Cad, Don't post here unless you want to post a picture of yourself, don't turn this into an argue thread

    ME AGAIN!!!!, I am one bad ass mother fucker..... except ALOT of my paint had come off :(


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  • WOW Cad you look like a fucking Psycho ..nice necklace lol...oh and did ya get those Glasses from a dead old lady?...jezzz...and holy that second one of you could be called "Logan on the Run"

    Oh dear Evil that's a doctored pic if I have ever seen one...that shadow at the bottom looks fake! (around your shoes and those pillers)

    Sadly I dont have any guns with me here in OZ....but back home in the UK i've got the same as Poobar. G36C all the way.

    This is me at one of the many empty beaches Sydney has hidden around...and theres the south CBD in the background.


    And My Tokyo Murui baby...lol


    PS Cool pic Poobar....And nice Wig Chachi..lol

    "Aspire to Inspire before you expire." "life.............is a state of mind."

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  • You cheating sod Evil...sadly for you Tsopka has already giving me a pic of you..........err..... 8O


    "Aspire to Inspire before you expire." "life.............is a state of mind."

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  • I miss both the Italian flag and the guns, maybe I can take a picture while holding my BOSCH electric screwdriver and doing a very scary face mm

    maybe when I'll have something worth to be stolen I'll buy a noob Beretta handgun. :)

    this is me in Tempe, AZ, 3 years ago. It was like 110 F when that pic was taken. HELL hot


  • Well, everyone is posting pics of them with guns...so I figured I would post one of me playing with bigger guns in the field. Sometimes the Army sucks, but you get to play with shit like this!

    No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair.

  • M249's are f'ing huge! Unless you're really small?

    That second pic is really bad ass, with the giant scope

    Way to show us all up :wink:

    And poobar, your "then" picture is very attractive, what's your secret?

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • Pentaholocaust: geez, what you need something so huge for ? you really must go hunting for something BIG. I agree with your signature about the swivel chair, that's absolutely right, all my biggest decisions always come from a restroom chair, that's the ultimate office.

  • 6'1"..you make the decision:)

    And honestly, I think the scope is ridiculous..Civilian world has MUCH smaller Night Scopes...and its pretty damn near impossible to try to look through the scope while firing that thing..although...yea...it does look cool:)

    No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair.

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  • i cant get my picture up :(

    Dont rteally matter i dont have a pic wit a gun

    Ireland isnt as war crazed and gun obbsessed as america