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    Do not trust AMD. Their processors are inferior to Intel. I also hope you are using a x64 version of XP/Win7 (Stay away from Vista) instead of x86. If you don't then the 4 gb RAM is a waste. x86 won't use all of the RAM, and if the processor is 64-bit it won't be capable of using all of its power.

    I hope this works with a crack like GTA SA:MP/IV:MP did. Funny how dedicated people just fail at making copy protection software. Maybe they should try hiring the crackers?

    I'll see if I find some cool mods/easter eggs for you.

    I have no idea how to overclock. Anyone have some info on that? Also, I think that watercooling is overrated. Just put your wires neatly and make sure that the fans blow the hot air out of the case. You could also put the fan so it sucks the cold air in to the case instead.

    EDIT: What is $99 for you guys? How much is it worth for you? Is it expensive or cheap?


    You have a new App to Become an Old School Fighter
    <b>Question: I know the rules on OSF servers and understand that by joining OSF, I am expected to uphold a high level of maturity, respect, and responsibility.
    Response: Yes (I dont use teamspeak so dont make a stink about it)

    And this...

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    I DONT USE TEAMSPEAK SO IF I CANT JOIN OSF BECUZ OF THAT DONT LET ME IN!!!! :evil::evil::cry::cry::cry::evil::evil::evil:

    Because of this...

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    But we need to see you in teamspeak...

    Makes me agree with this:

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    When I was waiting for votes, I just *bumped* the thread A FEW TIMES (Note: FEW) if it became inactive for an undefined amount of time (was more or less randomly *bumping*. You should just give up on this thread, and play some more on our servers. After we have all seen how you play, you will get more attention. Remember to be a teamplayer and to not rely on a specific tactic. You should train and be able to dominate all weapons, vehicles and aircraft, especially helicopter, Anti-Aircraft Artillery/AAA, Reinforcement truck and the aircraft-sniping gauss tank.

    I don't understand. If you find me this annoying (Even though I haven't done anything wrong to make you angry) why didn't you vote no? I am in TS, but I have school to worry about too. I don't see how you all of a sudden dislike me without any warning.

    I was in a bad mood that day, and I got around 1 kill and 24 deaths. It might be my processor which is laggy. Anyway, everyone has one of these days and the point is, can we put behind us what has been said? I am sorry for ranting about you ping and I am apologising for telling you to go shit yourself. I should learn not to play crysis when in a bad mood, because I lose more often when I am not in a good mood, which makes me even more mad.

    Damn, I closed my xfire chatwindow so I can't copy+paste, but I'll make it short since I have to go to bed.

    I was discussing (Some might see it as ranting, which I think is perfectly fine) with Pro_commando/the_Infinity about his ping around 300. He was lagging everytime we had a close combat scene, and me with my "awesome pwn-skills" died around 24 times before I managed to kill him. I asked him "turn off your torrents" which is my way to say "you are laggy" in a nice way. Then pro_commando or tanktop (can't remember who) said I talked too much and that I should just play. After this I managed to kill pro_commando and get my first kill. I was self-ironic by saying "finally, my first kill xD". Then tanktop or Pro_Commando said that I wouldn't have managed to kill him without tankhunter, who came at the end of the battle. I took this as an insult and told him to go shit himself (I was "absolutely sure" it was pro_commando).

    EDIT: I didn't teamkill?
    EDIT2: I haven't promised anyone their ranks back after the first time, which I have learnt from.)

    Was it how FEDOR could be General when he had 8 deaths and 0 kills and why the bottom "rank-o-meter" shows that he was a Private? The marking over FEDOR's name shows that he was the one who took the picture.