• Hello Applicants,

    thanks four your interest in becoming a member! We appreciate that!
    Please note that teamspeak is essential for our purposes, thus your chances to join our group increase a lot by having a mic through which you can talk to us.
    Although we have Arson we would like to see if you show decent behaviour and some "maturity" (not necessarily age).


    Thank you!


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  • I also agree, if you don't use TS, we'll have to ask you to remove OSF from your name. No hard feelings, but there's really no point in pretending to be a part of the team if you're not really part of the team.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

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  • but you all know you love me :D:D

    "12 isnt divisible by 4...." -NecessaryEvil (Dumbass =P)
    "i aint got no link nigga" -NecessaryEvil (RACIST!!)
    "i got a GF in every state" -Gamp(MORMON Polygamists!!!)

    "I dont like having sexual intercourse, I just like knowing that my genitals can pass easily through yours" -Arson633

  • OK i have a application on the real place but i put one here too ok? :P ok

    -i play only in =OSF= servers
    -i've got TS3
    -im ok-good player

    NegativeEeEeEe: :D :D :D xD
    -I talk to much (i try to stop
    -i all the time ask who have voted? when you vote? and so on xD (i know that's anoying)

    ok that was all i think... so VOTE! xD so im player Hupi,Hupi the owner,Massive Owner,UnnAmeD NooB

    So cya... ;) =) :D:):o 8O :?8):lol::roll: :wink: