PC Black screened tonight and wont start back up

  • Sup Boys,

    So tonight while i was giving Bot some spotter info you probably noticed i timed out both in game and in TS. My computer completely shut down. No blue screen or anything. Just black screen and that was that. I sat and watched as my tower tried to turn itself back on about 15 times in a row, without me doing anything. I cut my router and cable line and turned the power off at the switch and back on. PC started up but i got a message screen saying the previous overclock failed and when i continued it took me to a screen for CMOS? Dont know what that is, but it had a bunch of options i just exited without saving changes. It took me to the windows stopped working screen and asked if i wanted to start normal or in safe, i chose normal and plugged my net back in. Within minutes it shut down again, and i havent been able to even get it to start again. Not sure what happened here tonight. Computer is only 3 years old. So, either something broke or someone took me out. If something broke, i may be out of commision for quite a while as i dont have the cash to replace anything at the moment. At anyrate, im going to let it sit overnight and try to fire it up in the morning. I still have my wifes PC, but its not capable of running DayZ. For now the forums are my only way of communications. If you guys have any insight into whatever the hell happened, im all ears. Until im up and running though, happy hunting. If i dont think im going to manage to get in game before my safes all quad zero, ill PM someone the codes and ask that they refresh them for me.

  • Reset your bios by first removing your power cord from your power supply, holding down your power button for 5 seconds (be sure the flip is on the straight line not the circle). Remove your CMOS battery, plug your PC in and it will prompt or tell you that your bios has been reset, if it asks click to load defaults and reboot. Power off your PC and put the battery back in, and tweak your bios back to your settings.

    See the hard reset section.

  • Have you tried turning it off and back on?

    Oh wait... that's the problem...

    Seriously though, the "Previous overclock failed" makes me think processor, memory, or motherboard. In addition to commie's suggestion, I would try running a memory diagnostic and stressing your processor.

    Memtest86 is the "Industry Standard" memory diagnostic, and Prime95 is a decent processor stresser. If Memtest86 fails your memory, replace it. If Memtest crashes, you're more likely to have a Mobo/Processor issue. If the computer crashes consistently with Prime95, I would consider your CPU. If the computer crashes seemingly randomly with and without processor load, and Memtest86 is passing, your mobo might have some strange issue.

    If it crashes consistently under video load, consider looking at your videocard or your PSU. I really don't expect these to be the issue, as the videocard will usually cause artifacts and the PSU will come up with a different error message than "Previous Overclock Failed", but just some ideas to run with.

    Let us know after you do some diagnostics.

    Also, out of curiosity, what are your computer specs? Specifically:
    PSU (Include Model and Brand if available, at minimum Brand and Wattage)
    Anything "Special" or aftermarket?

  • Safe to say im screwed. Took out the battery tonight, let it sit for 5 minutes. Put it back in, tried to power it up and nothing happened. Pushed the power button again and got a huge pop,and flash of light from the back of the vent by my power supply. Followed by the alluring scent of electrical smoke. Pretty sure my power supply is fried. Dont know if a bad power supply could have caused my sudden crash last night but its definitly a major issue going forward.

  • Well here's a deal on a new powersupply as a consolation. You can also do a pickup directly from Newegg's shipping location if you want. Premier also has a 30 day trial as well.

    $90 after rebate, offer until 1pm PT tomorrow.

  • Power supply could've defiantly caused your earlier crashes, especially if the cpu wasn't getting enough power. Problem with a bad power supply is it can take out other parts with it when it goes. Hopefully it went bad quick and didn't surge anything. Best of luck to you doc.

  • I had a psu explode while gaming once. The pc turned off, but still worked fine afterwards despite the explosion. I replaced the PSU with no apparent damage to any other parts.

    Also, I had the "previous overclock failed" message a few weeks ago when I put the ram in the wrong slot, so it makes me think ram could be an issue like rod said. You can try removing ram one stick at a time to see if one is bad.

    Good luck, hope to hear from you soon.

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  • Sup peckerheads. Just checking in to let you guys know im still breathing. My PC is still an expensive paperweight. Not much to do about it really until i can afford a new power supply. Oh and a new monitor because that took a shit too. When it rains it pours and all that shit. Hope you guys are still pissing people off in Trainwreck. God only knows when ill be able to fix my shit but im hoping in the next few months, im getting serious withdraw lol

  • Trainwreck is #5 DayZ server on gametracker. It's really poppin' now. And don't worry, I'm gonna be an admin on server 1 as well to keep him in check. The new admin is Lewis [Waffen] btw. We'll fill you in on the details of why he's a shit admin later...

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