Tips n tricks

  • Sup guys

    Here are some things I found out so far and feel free to add your favourites!

    - less damage than AT Mines but they stick on everything so put them on walls, ceilings, car doors etc. and most of all: they are very effective in water on Paracel Storm (i. e. throwing from the bridges into the shallow water or just walk out at D or C)
    - they are triggered by proximity and / or velocity. That means they are in some way better than C4 b/c you can sneak up on an enemy tank put 3 M2Slams on it and as soon as the tank starts to move away: boom.
    - they work as boobie trap (remember SCANNER trapping C5 on Mesa back in the old days?)
    - 3 are needed for MBT, 2-3 for LAV, 2 for the big jeep, 1 for the small jeep/buggy

    - reviving quickly like in BF3 will bring the guy back with 20 health
    - charging the paddels for about 2-3 sec before that will bring him back on 100 health (just keep pressing LMB)

    Attack boat:
    - activate the active shield before attacking other boats. This will provide enough time being invulnerable to missiles

    - if you have a 2nd monitor: use it to put the battle screen there! I feel blind now playing conquest without it.

    I´m sure there is more to come later.
    Let´s hope they fix the headshot bug soon.

  • found out a couple cool new things in this, like how you can open the lockers in operation locker even if you get locked out and are on the wrong side

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

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  • It was supposed to release today, haven't tried it yet.

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  • China rising is workin fine for me :(
    Unlocked that suav which does not last to long b/c the batteries (!!) are empty soon. The other portable tow or tv rocket (ucav?) is blowing up even quicker and takes forever to reload so use it wisely

    Oh and that locker trick is really good to know.
    Some other info: on Golmud Railway map there are hidden bombs spread all over the place which can be triggered by small blue boxes near them (search for cables leading towards them). Quiet usefull against any vehicle/infantry when you are out of ammo.

  • I really don't understand what "accuracy" means though. Stability basically measures recoil, but I don't really understand what accuracy represents. I mean, I aim down the sights and the bullets go where I aim (unless I go full auto with an LMG for a while). Does it represent how much your bullets deviate from the sights at full auto/on the move?

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  • Pls let us know if anyone found out how to get the Phantom Prospect assignment.
    It mus have something to do with the black skull that you can click on lower left corner on the leaderboards page. A program pops up and asks you for a password which I do not have (yet)

    EDIT: Password is "bumpinthenight"

  • I am sure everyone knows about the netcode issues in BF4. Since only DICE can fix that one thing you can do is change your connection´s MTU limit.
    Players report that this helps a lot - I still have to test it. Anyway here is the link on how you do it:…nnection-s-mtu-limit.html

    Here are some examples on what can happen ingame and what is really frustrating to me:


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  • lol, just yesterday I was shooting a guy behind cover, I decided to run around for the stab, and he ran around the cover looking for me. I was waiting on the other side, he ran past me, I did the knife swipe while he was 2 feet in front of me (facing the other way, still running) and then all of a sudden he stabs me lol. I'm gonna try this MTU thing...

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  • MTU is often controlled by your router and/or ISP. Do not go below 1400, many routers/modems cap at 1500 so unless you can change this value you may not be able to increase it too much (older routers have problems with larger MTU values). Changing MTU is most useful for LAN (not internet) connection since your modem or router will most likely convert traffic to 1500 or lower mtu. that said changing MTU can be beneficial depending on multiple factors, mostly external of your computer.

    Use this tool and fool around with it, testing your connection speed after restarting from modifying your setting. MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE CHANGING SETTINGS!!

  • yes I read that, too. I changed it from 1500 to 1492 which according to the ping test reduced the paket loss to 0. I dont know yet if it helped for the game though. Sometimes I think yes and then again I get killed behind walls without even seeing the guy shooting. Its like 3 times worse than in BF3 sometimes.

  • I did notice that it's the worst with people that have high ping (as you'd expect). Doing everything on your own side should help, but it's up to dice to ultimately fix it. But yes, it is a lot worse than BF3, and I don't understand how they could just make it so bad.

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