Ban appeal FR16

  • Hi. I was banned yesterday 25/02/13 at about 01:00 CET. (24/02/13 15:15 server time) [Fureur] Tinky Winky is my characters name.
    This is the message error :

    I don't really know why, i was switching item from a tent to a boat and tried to save a mate with a broken leg in the water.
    (btw at this moment an option "you can put the body on the boat" was available to rescue my mate so i selected this one and the ban appear)
    I was playing with 3 other mates and we don't really understand the reason of the ban...

    My weapon is a M107 and M9SD (maybe one of them is restricted on your server) ?

    Could you unban me please ?
    And sorry for my bad english.


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  • o.k I have removed the ban,

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