Multi Monitor Setups and Recommendations

  • Eyefinity, 3D vision, etc. Monitor/Card/Cable/Layout recommendations and help

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  • I am looking at moving to a 3 or 4 monitor setup.
    3x1 in Portrait, and a landscape for 2nd desktop area. Eyefinity is for real and makes this pretty easy.
    Here's the thing, my 24 inch 1920x1200 is just huge when vertical and too expensive to do 3 in landscape. (plus I want more than 1200 vertical)
    So thinking of downsizing to 3x21/22 ".
    Found a 20 inch for 150 but that would only give 1600x2700.

    Hard to find 21/22" monitors with decent pricing that have display ports and stands that can pivot to portrait, so could use some help.
    Need 1 monitor connected to display port to run eyefinity, the other 2 can go DVI.

    I like the portrait idea to have more vertical rather than too wide and thin in 3xlandscape.
    Anyone running anything like that?

    Would go with a 6950 to drive and could double up in the future if any future game (BFBC3) pushes the limits.

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  • Samsung MD230X3 frickin pricey though! but look a good option as your going to want those bezels as thin as possible.

    Ginia has 6970's Crossfired running on a 24" monitor with a second 10" just for added desktop space for skype etc. These are just about able to run Crysis at above the 60fps average 40fps min at 1920x1080 with all the bells and whistles in DX10 and with 8x AA (pointless having aa at the res i know) but Crysis is an ugly beast to run. The scaling with 11.4cat drivers is amazing as with just one card your looking at 35fps.
    Battle company 2 is the same seeing almost double the fps with crossfire enabled in DX11 can't remember the fps right now.

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  • HP LP2275w off of ebay, or HP LP2475W off of any retailer. they use better panels than other cheap monitors and are fairly cheap considering the quality. the 2275w is no longer made so you will either get a used one or a refurbished for around $130-$180 each.

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  • saw that, thanks. a lot of monitors have no displayport and you need 1 for eyefinity. I think one more generation of LED backlits will fix that.

    That plus 7xxxx series or 6xxGTX cards and BFBC3 ought to be about the right timing. :lol:

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  • All of the monitors in the review have TN panels; while LED back lighting will reduce the back light bleeding it will not be quite as good as the even distribution of the back light through an ips or pva panel. If you want a monitor strictly for gaming then buy a TN panel monitor, they have the best response time. If you are going to use a monitor for more than gaming (reading, videos or other multimedia) you should consider one of the following, they are cheap and better quality, most have far superior warranties.…5-1920-1080/dp/B003ULZ1C8 <-- There is a 23" version too but it's way more expensive. (e-IPS)…B003D1CFHY/ref=pd_cp_pc_1 <--- s-IPS best for your price range and needs

    Also, i would avoid glossy wide bezels (the border around the screen). Those monitors can be adjusted in many ways not just up + down like most TN panels due to the ips panel's better viewing angles.

    Also most consumer monitors made for gaming or everyday use (TN panel) will most likely never have display port implemented. For 1 reason display port is not the consumer standard, HDMI is display port is more of a professional standard, there is no reason to have HDMI and display port.

  • I am curious about the HDMI port connection. Will a video card use the HDMI output even from things like the BIOS and boot menu?

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  • I hope you find what your looking for Felix, and upload a pic when you do. I'm game when nvidia comes out with their own version of eyefinity :P


  • Thanks Robo. As I understand it NVIDIA 3D surround can also run 3 monitors in 2D mode, but it currently requires 2 cards in SLI to run 3 monitors.

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