If C2 turns out to be a flop...

  • haha, I see what you mean about the end comments.

    Seeing this reminds me of how great BF2 was and how gaming seems to have gone backwards since then. BF2 would have been so much better if I was a part of this group back then, but unfortunately I joined when CoP was already phasing out of BF2 for Crysis (rightfully). I can't wait to play with you guys in Karkand.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • Oh yea, I'm sure there's way more still in BF2 than in Crysis, for example. BF2 is a classic.

    I checked gametracker stats out of curiosity, there was one page of full 64 player servers, and over 10 pages of active servers, its still a very popular game.
    But so is Soldier Of Fortune 2, and Black Hawk Down both aging games sof2 is like 10 years old now and still has way more players than crysis.

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  • is it because those game dont have so much cheater/haxors? crysis is a great game but destoyed by too muck kids with cheats.
    they made it too easy too mod some files and so the game was doomed!

    i dont know about those other game i didnt play them online....

  • BF2 does have PB (which is absent in C2) and it was properly implemented (which it was not in C1). Also, it was a PC game at heart.

    Expect BF3 to be the PC's next classic FPS.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • doesnt the fact we are discussing Battlefield 3 in the Crysis division say enough about Crysis, and Battlefield?