Tactics :)

  • Hello All :D

    I am glad I came on tonight to play BFBC2, with a good shock of seeing many of our members online playing XD

    Anyway, I have played BFBC2 for a reasonable amount of time now, and I have been on many servers where squads are rendered useless because of the amount of people who prefer to be rambo and solo the map.

    Perhaps it would be ideal if we had adesignated squad and learn some tactics such as assaulting a building, or defending it and learn to work as a PROPER team :) We did well today and I have not gotten that much kills before :D

    All I am saying is that it would be good to see the squad system being used effectively and it would be very cool to see some army type tactics put into use in the game. I am pretty sure some of you have had training in the army?

  • Yes, I had a lot of fun and we did well, even if we were losing some of the time. It is great fun and at some times the tactics we used were superior, but other times were lacked the proper organization.

    overclocked and water cooled mang!

  • thanks to Yoda we have an OSF server so we also have the chance to make some squad trainings on SDM.
    I think we do pretty well so far considering that we always got the best squad medal although we might have not necessarily won the match.

  • Bah, who cares about winning the match XD

    I'm all about K/D ratios.

    I want to be the guy that has at least 2+ K/D ratios >=)

  • I want to be the guy with the most deaths.

    B-e-t-a |

    The later is my usual name, so add that one. What you see there after the space is actually a 'pipe' character. Hold shift and press the "\" character on your US qwerty keyboard and you will have the pipe character. In game the pipe character looks like a crosshair with a circle around it.

    overclocked and water cooled mang!