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    Hi Guys,

    I've been looking into getting a BFBC2 server for a week or so now and I'm thinking of getting one set up in the new year.

    Just wondering how many slots you want?

    8, 12 or 16?

    Cast your votes now!!

    Oh, it will be ranked and I don't mind giving some of you lucky people admin rights.
    It will be either UK or western/central Europe based

    Happy Holidays! and you those of you who are old enough to drink.... Very happy Holidays!!

  • As one of the battlefield players i'd say, awesome.
    I'd go with a 12 or 16 slot, but as you are setting up the server, its still up to you :)

  • OSF SDM´s would be cool! So yeah 16 is fine even for Rush games.

    Just one question maybe b/c I am one of the oldest but another server does not come for free, does it? I mean can we afford it?

  • I was edging towards 16 too. I think it works for all types of games apart from squad rush of course.
    With regards to the payment, I was going to fund the server as the price per month is affordable for how much use I will get out of it!
    Watch this space and I'll let you all know when it's up and running!!

  • Sweet! So do you want a BC2 Vietnam server, or just a regular BC2 server? I'd be down for either one.

    And btw, I created a new soldier with the name "B-e-t-a |" The pipe character at the end will look like a bullseye in the game. I had to start over from Private I though.

    overclocked and water cooled mang!

  • He was going for a regulair server i think, as he doesnt own Vietnam. '' cough '' and it sucks '' cough ''

  • Might have to hold fire looking for the server.

    There has been a problem with my credit card, the credit card company said the payment was confirmed but the server host's are saying its pending again...

    Ill contact support in the morning and get it sorted!!

  • Ignore that last message - the server is up but i have limited access to the control panel!

    Happy playing!!

  • You'll all be glad to know that the server is all sorted and I have full access to the control panel now!!

    I've set up the map rotation's, auto messages, baseraper protection and so on and so forth... Just waiting for the PB streaming to be set up

    Any problems/changes you come across let me know

  • It is set to hardcore but I'm customising it, to allow 3d vehicle views, mini map and maybe crosshairs (mainly for the MG36, however for some reason all shotguns keep there crosshairs no matter what...)

    It's still in the testing stage so nothing is set in stone, I haven't tested the baserape protection yet either.

    If anyone has any suggestions to change/improve the server just say and we can try them out.

  • Is everything set in stone now yoda, or can we talk about changing the game type (maybe SDM to better accomodate 16 players)?

    And what about hardcore mode? It's like a wookie convention in there.

    No matter what, I still enjoy playing in an OSF Battle Company server, no matter what the outcome of my opinions are.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

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