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  • Yo everyone I just wanted to say that GTX580 is IN DA HOUSE!!!!! 8)

    Crysis warhead on "Enthusiast" with up to 100FPS kicks ass
    DMC may already have 2 nanotech graphic cards as SLI but I am happy now :lol:


    PS: I know I dont care about cable management as you already may have noticed.

    EDIT: Anybody wants to have a GTX295? Otherwise I will sell it on ebay


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  • I shipped one of my 1/2 inch Lexan intake plates across the pond for like $25. Arrived in under a week. The intake plate is roughly 14"x11" and fit in a flat rate box. However, maybe it costs more going from EU to US side?

    overclocked and water cooled mang!

  • Right, i did some small research. I '' pretended '' to ship from The Netherlands to the USA.
    entered a random company in Florida.

    Made the package about 30x30x15 cm, and counted 1kg.. Witch is probably slightly more then it would be.. And it costed 104 euro's to ship.

    So yeah, i dont think its worth it.

    It did surprise me it would only take 2 days to arrive.

  • Well yeah, that's what i thought at first. But there was only 1 possibility. I used DHL as the shipping company...

  • Three new builds: Elite_01, Money_02, Specialist_03
    All three builds are identical.

    - Core i7 Sandybridge 3.4Ghz
    - 8Gb Mushkin memory (2x4Gb)
    - ASUS P8P67 motherboard (not the vanilla either)
    - RAID1 WD Blue 1Tb hard drives (RAID1 mirror)
    - Corsair 750 watt power supply
    - Nvidia GT 220 1Gb video card
    - Coolr Master Elite case








    They are for my work. Mr CEO, our warehouse manager, and myself. :D I have more of a reason to go to work now too. :lol:

    overclocked and water cooled mang!

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  • Good question. The Sandybridge socket LGA 1155 does not support triple channel DDR3. The only socket that supports triple channel right now is 1366.

    In the future, the socket 1356/2011 will support triple channel, along with Ivybridge processors.

    And btw, I found one of the six Mushkin memory modules failed Memtest86. It is always important to run Memtest all the way through before concluding that RAM is any good. This is the type of problem that you may not know about until the warranty period has expired. Just a tip for other PC builders here that may save them trouble in the future.

    Also, of the 3 identical systems built, one of the motherboards had a different BIOS setting. For some reason the CPU fan speed was set to max out at 60%, which means potential for overheating under 100% load of 8 virtual cores. Was a bit of a worry at first, but an easy solution. I changed it to max out at 100% when the processor reaches 65*C. (This processor is safe until 75*C, but rated for 95*C).

    overclocked and water cooled mang!

  • I am using the same PNY GT220 for work. Basically, MicroCenter did not have a huge selection of decent cards in the pricerange. GT 430's would be a better choice, but ultimately, it was more than necessary.

    I do website development, network administration, advertising, tech support, graphic design, video production, and who knows what else. Basically, I am CTO/Admin.

    overclocked and water cooled mang!