New App to Become an Old School Fighter #45 from tioga

  • Ok i understand what you're trying to say here visk, but I think if people aren't ready to vote yes, then they can vote no. That does not mean that the thread should be closed. If people believe it is premature, they can simply vote no.

  • and no worries poobar, i dont think anything could drive out the sarcasm.

    and toga, i think thats what people are doing, but nothing was ever put in place, as no one that applied was ever expected to get a high number of no's. now that someone (you) has it is difficult to figure out how to incorporate no votes.

    what im saying is, that your application, having received so many no votes, does not fit into the current application guidelines, and therefore your application can not possibly be processed in the current model, and should wait, until a voting/acceptance model is in place to deal with the no votes, ANY application by you is likely to encounter.

  • ibtr

    Everyone needs to stop trying to justify or condemn what's happened or going to happen or whatever, it's not doing anyone any good. It's simply out of our control unfortunately, Tioga.

    Just take whatever happens in stride if they happen to make it so you can't get in or have a really hard time doing so, you will just have to go from there and decide what is the best action to take. And so far I think you've done a really good job of acting properly in response to this, considering the circumstances.

    So can we just </drama> now and let what will happen, happen?

    In response to Holy:
    Shut up abandoner.

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  • ok Tioga all i can say is it seems were not ready to have you back in the clan at the moment...! you seem to be maturing but well your getting older so its no surprise! i would say just keep going as things are (ie you not in the clan) keep it chilled and grown up... and maybe just maybe you will get back in! but for now i would just give up and work on proving to every one your a valuable asset to the clan, and not an arrogant imature IMP! Oh and any grammer Nazis feel free to pick through my posts as my grammer spelling and general formation of sentences sucks!

    P.s. and as to the rule changes, well tioga your a special case and yes the rules are changeing totaly because of your may not seem fair, but hey thats life, you cant just be a total douche (no matter how far in the past) and hope to get away with it!

  • It seems to be decided that a few more weeks of Tioga growing up would be better for the clan, and thus a greater chance for you(Tioga) to get in
    The last thing we want is a divide in the clan over 1 member

    I propose that you, Tioga, make another application in a few weeks time after proving your maturity in game and on TS
    At this time i think it would be best if every1 who votes gives a clear-cut Yes or No maybe with a small 2 liner reason if you feel it necessary.
    The discussion of said matter has been done here and probably continue, on said new application can we try keep it simple to avoid confusion
    What you guys think??

    Oh and Tioga don't rush it, you already have a few Yes's me included if you continue well, still a lot of no's, timing is everything


  • Aww man. Does this mean the TS comedy will cease forever? Tioga, remember the days when you would join TS and annoy Evil just to be kicked? The process seemed to repeat itself many times a minute. The good 'ole Tioga days. I gotta say, sometimes it was very funny as a spectator.

    But please, no singing in TS. You'll lose my vote next time around. ATM you actually do have my vote.

    overclocked and water cooled mang!

  • Yes, but he will need to walk away from IMPish values for a prolonged period of time to get my vote.

    I also told him that he'd get my vote if he broke even on his reputation in the forums (maybe this will encourage him to quit saying dumb shit).

    I think he finally made it Evil (he had a positive .5 when this post was written)


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  • I think that it depends on what you're reason is for rescinding you're vote,
    if some1 is verry friendly, you vote yes and than he starts to yell at you i think that you may rescind you're vote then

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