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    I just wanted to make more public an issue I have with Teamspeak RC2, to see if I am the only one with this problem and maybe finding out some workaround I couldn't find online.

    Basically when I play Crysis with my Trust desk mic plugged in any USB port of the computer I get everything working fine for a 10-15 minutes, then I start enjoying things like entering in a car and it starts moving one direction non-stop. Or, even more annoying, going off a jeep and my soldier starts moving one direction.

    So this goes on until I tap the right direction button and I stop moving like a loser around the map. Still, in combat when you play like I do, aka going Rambo with your jeep in the middle of a fight, it takes away precious seconds.

    Also, if you are using a chopper or a vtol, tapping the corresponding direction doesn't work at all, so you get to fly with a super dumb chopper that keeps going left so you have to keep pressing right to just fly straight :)

    so mm I just hope this isn't just due to my cheap ass Trust mic and someone else out there with a Shure super powerful noise cancellation microphone has the same problem.


    the tattoo is ugly but I don't find her emo or goth or anything. It's one of those supposedly artistic pictures that should tell more than a snapshot but they don't.

    I don't know she looks bored/frustrated there, I wouldn't say hot. but I mean better than many girls I see every day still.

    I really liked terror's and ripley's pictures. by the way about the Frenchies refusing to speak English, that's a classic!! last summer I've been busy with exams and when I played it was with Street Fighter 4 (hadoken =]) Anyway I've been 5 days in Spain, Barcelona for my brother's wedding and I loved it. I think it's the only place outside Italy so far that had GOOD food, oh and they know how to do the coffee (aka less than a half liter watered).

    here from left to right it's me, my sis and my bro the morning before the wedding:

    Montjuic (it's a big cathedral/museum with a nice fountain on the top of a hill in Barcelona):

    Casa de las Punxes

    view of the city from Parc Guell


    mm it could be a nice variant, moving the bunker in E3 makes it even easier for snipers to spawn kill though. I'd leave that bunker where it was. the gas station open is pretty much irrelevant while I really like the building modding next to proto, the hangar thingy. the little maze inside is a bit, mm, too much maybe (?) but I love the idea of having an extra building explorable just next to proto. that's a thumbs up!
    Thank you anyway for sharing the map, I wouldn't even know where to start for doing all that.

    PS the music is nu metal, industrial rock ? even if I hate the genre I must say that tune is not so bad, I mean I still prefer Ozzy and Iron Maiden to all that new angry gothy metal, but still not so bad :P

    PointGuard: that looks pretty cool, also a pretty expensive good case. Just for the CPU cooler you can have a Noctua good one for the same price, which will be more efficient and quiet than the Thermaltake.

    that article went for a super expensive video card and everything else crappy, it's kind of the opposite of what I do when I shop budget, eh =]
    I don't get why they bought a Western Digital Hard Drive, I would have saved buying a Hitachi or Maxtor one and instead bought 4 GB of cheap DDR2.

    You should be able to get a 650 watt psu from a name-brand company for about the same price as the one you were looking at, as those things are always on sale. When I replaced my latest psu, I just read the back of my video card box for psu recommendations / requirements. I think my 9800GT recommended 650 W, so I bet that card you are looking at requires at least that amount.

    the 9800 GT is basically a 8800 GT with some extra boom boom packaged, and already with a 600 W flies, but then again you can buy a 600 W with shitty current stability on the 12 V and your video card will start whining. with a brand new pc I'd go for a 700 or 800 W PSU by Corsair or Cooler Master. like expensive but not crazy expensive like a Tagan. Also if you have the chance weigh it, good PSU use usually Japanese big electrolitic capacitors and big transformers so they weigh a lot.

    well buy less expensive RAM, 4 GB of Kingston for example, you'll save probably $20. and for no reason in this world buy that power supply or any $50 power supply. They are crap and they would just be a bottle neck for that video card. Just WAIT until some components lower their price, this means wait a month or two. Don't hurry things up, if you can't wait then just buy a less expensive video card with a better Power supply. Better a couple FPS less than bad erogation of power, also if you want to change a video card in the future it takes a second, changing a PSU, especially if not modular, its a pain in the ass.

    Remember about the Power Supply Unit! ABSOLUTELY more than 500 Watts, that would be like putting a Seat Marbella engine under the hood of a Ferrari Enzo. the Video Card won't work well.

    Seat Marbella:


    Ferrari Enzo:


    When I bought this computer I did your same mistake and bought a shitty 450 W cheap power supply (payed it €45), I had to change it after less than a year because the 8800 GT wanted 26 Ampere on the 12 V rails and that PSU just gave 22 A.

    First off I suggest you to go for an i7 processor and motherboard, you may spend some extra buck now but it's worth it if you want a computer that will be up-to-date in the years coming.

    If you can't afford the motherboard with an i7 then that quadcore is good, even if I wouldn't pay more than $200 for it, too much especially in the US.

    The Power Supply is one of the MOST important and underestimated components in a good computer, so spend AT LEAST $100 for it, buy a good one, like the Silent Pro M series by Cooler Master. Remember you are interested in high efficiency and high current on the 12 V rails, which is where the video card draws power. For power Wattage look for at least 600 Watts. Better 650 or more, don't worry even if you buy a 800 W it doesn't mean you consume more when you are using the computer for browsing the Internet. actually you consume less in many cases.

    for the case, try to look at a big one, and well ventilated. the blue leds and bullshit lights are really just an optional. buy one that you will be able to add fans to, since it is likely to get very hot inside there if you buy an Asus motherboard and a Geforce 280 with stock Intel Cooler.

    last but not least, if you buy a better mobo for i7 CPUs then you may prefer to buy DDR3 DRAM instead of DDR2. Even if you buy Kingmax and not Corsair, that's not a big deal, especially if you are looking for save money, save it on the RAM rather than on the Power Supply.

    Good luck, it took me a good amount of noob mistakes before learning these things, so I hope they will help you

    I had that DEBUG message this morning, then coming here later today I found out my replies had been still posted even giving the error message and taking a long time to load.

    Now everything works perfect, and the forum is fast to submit replies.