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    This is really really GAY

    I dont think im goin to bother buying this guys i have to be honest

    Im so glad i have StarCraft trilogy to look forward to cause this shit sucks

    Guy in first video is so freakin funny

    I cant poet images either :(

    Some1 explain how

    I can do this 1 cause its a google image 1 cant do 1s i have saved on my computer


    Came across this image in college studying Stellar Evolution so its my wallpaper now XD
    Reminds me why i do what i do when the work gets ridiculously hard

    Im not set up to use commands on the NY/NJ server.
    Iv been on it alot last 2 weeks and i have not missed having them i havent had a single reason to use them yet which is great
    Hopefully our server will remain this way theres some very good players playin on it and though im getting my ass kicked its alot of fun

    And Arb i think its insane that your ping is so fucked up im gettin like 100-120 and we're only a few hundred miles away from each other like less than 300
    Something is definatly not right. Im runnin 8mb nextgen what you at?

    I really like you Drake, i have good games with you and you helped me for a while in Bad Company 2
    I find you very funny which i enjoy and your accent rocks

    As for OSF i also must say no for now. I, like others, do not like the idea of members fleeing and looking to return once we have a successful server running in NY/NJ (cheers robocop :D )

    But i hope you to not defer from our server because of this rejection. Things have a tendency to change very quickly by small gestures like sticking around and acting on advice you get from other OSF members

    I had alot of fun in the server the other day. Theres was some awesome players in there think i was like 15 - 50 but was still really fun.
    I seem to be online alot at the wrong times. If a few people could post what times and GMT they are usually online and gaming at that would be awesome

    See yous in game soon XD

    I can only do Saturdays from 10 onwards. And Saturday is usually a drinkin day.

    Sunday is a good day for gaming. And we sud pick a day for a scrim during the week.

    See how it goes, worth a shot it try and get it goin again

    I think OSF server is dead until Crysis 2. There will be maybe 4 to 8 players left playin from server to server but not in ours.

    When Crysis 2 comes out i think we will see ex members and all current non-active members come back to full swing and OSF will flourish again.

    I will help as much i can with any ideas on how to maintain server popularity now, just post or PM me

    I already had a discussion with Ginia and she informed me that herself Arb and Tanktop occasionally play in the evening time after 6pm (UK time)
    I am goin to make an effort to join them as often as i can, the possibility of 2v2 in our server could populate it
    Others please keep this in mind also, a few times over last month there was like 6 of us in TS in a different server, easily enough to begin a game on our own

    I have bought Bad Company 2 and am playin that a lot but its no match to Crysis XD

    Hope see some you guys soon