Unable to buy at trader or tow without getting kicked

  • Hi All,

    I'm new to your server, I have been playing for a couple of hours and made it to Stary. I got kicked when I tried to tow an SUV with a Ural (didnt make a note of the error). Now I'm at the trader and I can sell stuff but get kicked with script restriction #1 (see screenshot below.) when I try to buy anything.

    Any help or advise?

  • Thanks for reporting this, if you give me your in game name or steam profile link I'll give you a couple briefs and a safe for the inconvenience and actually reporting the issue (which is appreciated).

    Battleye is pretty much disabled on most other servers, hence why they find it so difficult to find hackers if one does happen to come on their server, and as such they can only catch them retroactively. when making the BE filters I leave them on log only for several days until, and if there are no logged exceptions (in this case there weren't), I switch them to kick. However, there appears to be a difference between script exception detection in log only and kick modes, so a few exception have been created simply by changing the filter mode (which is obviously an issue with the log only filter behavior in BE).

  • Hey man thanks for the fast reply. My in game name is Billybob, No need for compensation as long as you let me know when I can use the trader again :-)