• Gentleman and ladies, it's time to sharpen your knives, since we have a new BFBC2 server!!! We have a few servers up, with info in the below post. The game, despite it's age, is surprisingly well populated and is still extremely fun (I forgot how fun BFBC2 is) so give it a try!

    There is only one rule: Don't be a dick (this includes but is not limited to cheating, glitching, and hacking).

    There are still multiple vacancies in our beloved seaside city, including multiple abandoned vehicles, shipping containers, and a lovely 15 sq. ft 1 bedroom (no bathroom) bungalow!

    Finally, server specs.

    Hosted in VA, USA.

    Xeon-E 2274G 4.00GHz/4.90GHz

    32 GB 2666MHz ECC RAM

    Dual 1TB NNMe SSDs

    10G Network adapter

    Running Windows Server 2019 STD


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  • To our BFBC2 players,

    Beginning last week, the =OSF= servers have been subjected to bursted denial of service attacks, targeted to only begin when player counts rise above a certain number. Obviously, the intent of this is to paint the OSF servers as unreliable or under-performing, but that is very much not the case. The web and voice services we host have been un-impacted, but the attacks have been successful in ruining in-progress matches on our game servers.

    We have been working to improve the configuration of the hosted hardware firewall and mitigation appliance rules, hopefully the coming matches are un-impacted by further attacks. Please let me know if there are any further issues; OSF members can be reached via steam or teamspeak (you can shoot us a message as a guest if we are in a locked channel).

    I've also created a Discord which you can leave quick messages and/or help requests: discord.osf.rip

    It's sad to see someone targeting such a small community of players that enjoy such an old and niche game.