=OSF= A2 + A3 Exile/Epoch Servers Overview/Rules

  • TS Adress: ts.osf.rip:9987

    Server Address:

    Note: This thread is meant to provide an overview of our ArmA 3 Exile server, but also serves to outline rules across all ArmA servers

    As of now the required addons for the ArmA 3 Exile Chernarus server are as listed below:

    JSRS SOUNDMOD is accepted by the server, but is optional to install (you totally should, the A3 stock sounds are trash). https://steamcommunity.com/sha…filedetails/?id=861133494

    We believe that the biggest issue with ArmA servers are their admins and on-the-fly creation of rules, selective enforcement and interpretation. As such, the list of rules below is exhaustive, admins will not create rules on-the-fly, without proper notice, and rules created which affect persistent objects/gameplay elements will have a grandfather clause (when applicable and appropriate).

    1. Compensation will not be provided without proof of server issues, glitch/bugs, or rule-breaking behavior being to cause - We will attempt to research select cases where we feel appropriate, if you cannot provide proof
    2. No Safezone camping or combat ducking into safezones. both are equal offenses and repeated infractions will result in temp-bans, and eventually perma-bans.
      • Video proof of safe-zone ducking, or camping, will result in appropriate punishment of the offending player, including but not limited to forfeiture of the their belongings, or a determined monetary equivalency
    3. No trolling or stealing in safezones (being an annoying douche is considered trolling)
    4. No blocking of military/super market/hospital loot or roads when building. Buildings must be built outside of a 1 kilometer radius from traders, 750 meters from spawn zones
    5. Do not spam voice or text chat, either local or global
    6. Vehicles left in safezones will be deleted or unlocked at restart, or at admin discretion
    7. No hacking/glitching/duping/abusing flawed game mechanics
    8. Safezones are not for sitting/hanging out in, you may be asked to leave if you overstay your welcome
    9. Bases must be connected to the ground or water surface in some way. Flags/plots and safes may not be placed inside other objects, AND MUST BE ACCESSIBLE THROUGH LEGITIMATE MEANS. All rooms must be accessible by at least one doorway that is reachable by all players (including your flag/plot room). If player(s) should notify an admin of a base violating this rule, administration reserves the right to reward the applicable player(s) with items from storage (including locked storage) inside the infringing base.
    10. Removal of objects or addition of objects in combat/combat situations/base raids is strictly prohibited. Should video evidence of this occurring be provided, or an admin witnesses this in game, then the base owner(s) will be killed if inside the base. Repeated violations will result in forfeiture of locked storage/doors, and up to deletion/forfeiture of the base itself
    11. Intentional ramming with air vehicles or bicycles is strictly forbidden. you will receive 1 warning prior to a 3 day temp ban, then perma-ban
    12. Falsifying rules and pretending to be an admin is a banable offense

    Donations: We currently accept donations without offering any in-game reward, in other words we do not monetize any of our servers, everyone is on a fair playing field regardless of donations.

    Current Admins:



    Hidden Ghillie

    Admins are allowed to play the game! We host this server because we enjoy the game as much as you, but our main priority is maintaining the server and keeping it cheater free.

    Submit ban appeals here (We believe in transparency so appeals and reasoning/evidence to uphold/repeal a ban are made public): Ban Appeal Forum

    Exile features:

    • Minimalist trader cities
    • Non-safezone armed/air vehicle and Special Ops traders (at airfields)
    • Anti-theft safezones which properly prevents sale of other player's vehicles
    • DMS AI Missions
    • No lock-on AT/AA
    • Dead bodies eject from vehicles properly
    • EX Ad features: Stats bar, Grinding, Safe Hacking, Halo option, Virtual garage, Deploy Bike, Terrain/grass settings and view distance
    • Virtual garage saves vehicle inventory :)
    • BRAma Recipes/Crafting
    • Vehicle service points (gas stations, fuel tanks): repair, rearm, refuel
    • R3F lift/Tow/Load
    • XS Spawn selection (Halo + Ground spawn)
    • 64 Bit server
    • 20K Start pop tabs
    • Limited militarization (no jets, tanks, UAVs), the best vehicles are a UH1Y and BRDM much like old school epoch
    • 100K poptab limit per safe
    • Enigma revive system with defibrillators
    • You are allowed to curse and trash talk, we are adults - please do not be toxic or racist, however

    Epoch features:

    • Custom (properly made) BE Filters, and security functions which detect certain BE bypasses/common exploits.
    • No infistar (yeah, I prefer FPS over pseudosecurity)
    • ESS V3 spawn selection
    • Custom traders and cities
    • Customized loot - not over the top, but pretty generous
    • Customized map
    • Limited militirization; BRDM/UH1Y/RPG/AA12 HE endgame
    • R3F Tow/Lift
    • Virtual Garage
    • Deploy bike
    • Set view distance
    • No grass
    • Vehicle service points (with custom whole-vehicle rearming)
    • Take clothes
    • Locate vehicle with keys and GPS
    • WAI missions
    • Old school DayZ Epoch feeling/experience that no other server provides
    • Optimized addons, and network settings