=osf= Dayz epoch server 1.0.6 need update

  • Hello everyone, I'm new in the forum.
    Me and other players are playing in your Dayz 1.0.6 server and wanted to ask if you could add AI missions and server restart (actually never restart).

  • Oh wow, there's players in the server? I left it up after we released the Epoch update, not really expecting anyone to join.

    I'll fix the restarts and add some AI Missions, but probably not until tomorrow. any other suggestions?

  • Thanks so much!
    I do not know all the options that can be inserted into the server. The rebot would be very useful for filling fuelpumps and AI missions to add a bit of more actions!

  • Hi admin! Thanks a lot for the update!!
    We would just ask you if you could limit the presence of the bandits. There are too many now and they are everywere!!
    And another thing, we can not see the missions in the map. Maybe they do not work?
    Thanks again!
    when you restart the server plot poles have disappeared from the bases !! I lost also some wood wall. If you could prevent or just warn us about that, we put our plot poles in our backpacks. Thank you!

  • Hi Admin :)
    im playing on your server too in arma2 dayz mod ..i would like some help if u can ...in the past 2-3 days when i log in all my helis and cars around the base has empty fuel tanks even if i didnt use it since i bought it ...i think its a bug ...if u could fix it that would be awesome :) ...what can be added to the game without need of other mods than 1.06 ? maybe some bandit stronghold or some more type of mission ?or a more missions available at the same time ? and another thing ...can u raise the spawnrate of mining nodes a bit ? or make them spawn at certain locations ? becasue we can barely find some and it would help the base building process if e could have some gems from them ...but its very hard if we cant even find them :D ...thx in advance :)