Looking for a new ship.

  • How long do you want my answer to be? :grin:

    First and most important: you do not have to buy any ships at all atm (except for a small starter package)! Once the game goes live you can purchase any ship with ingame currancy.
    If you do buy a ship it will support the game developers in making it even more exiting.

    Then the question is what is your main profession going to be?
    The Freelancer is more like an everyday use ship with space for some cargo, medium armor and weaponry. It is NOT a fighter but more a support ship for mercenaries and is able to be used for multicrew purposes. I personally would go for the Cutlass in that case. BTW check the lastest alpha 3.0 gameplay video from gamescom to see a freelancer in action.

    The Sabre is a pure fighter. It is very fast and can be equipped with 4 pretty nasty size 3 guns. But it has to suit your play style which means it is perfect if you play like a ninja: get in quick, strike hard and get out. Avoid getting hit because once the shields are gone it is very fragile. I love my Sabre but I also own a Super Hornet (2-seater) which is also a pure fighter but more a tanky one. It can take a lot more hits like the Sabre (1-seater) but is slower.

    My other ships are for multicrew purposes (Constellation Andromeda), mining (Prospector), exploring (Terrapin), cargo & versatile (Caterpillar), close support (Dragonfly and P-52 Merlin).

    Feel free to ask what you want to do ingame and I can give u an advice.

  • Thats the thing, I was reading on reddit and it seems there could be penalty for killing players, I would like to be the pirate type but not so much if it is going to hurt my game play.


  • no "penalty". If u want to be a pirate just do it. Right now u get a crime stat and with lvl 5 anyone can see u on the map as public enemy.

    There are ppl like me who tend to be bounty hunters. :)